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Which is your favorite title?

VGChat 6 10.34%
VGChatz 6 10.34%
VGTalk 6 10.34%
VGTalkz 3 5.17%
GamrChat 7 12.07%
GamrTalk 15 25.86%
unREAL Chat 11 18.97%
Other (please specify in thread) 4 6.90%

Introducing...well...erm...whatever you decide to call it

Basically, me and Darth have been planning a new project for the past few months. The basis of this is very similar to one which occured befroe (unREAL talk?). So, here's the basics of the thread:


1. So, what is it?

GamrChat iis a brand new community show designed to reveal insights into certain key members of the site, as well as a general talk about games, and other related stuff :P

2. No, what IS it?

Oh right yes. It will be a weekly show, every Friday around this time for (hopefully!) 50 episodes. If you wish to take part, simply PM me or Darth and we'll choose the best applicants! A few people have already been asked to take part, but more messages will be going out soon.

3. Alright, let's assume I've been selected to be interviewed. What will be involved?

Basically, it'll be a general discussion with the new messaging service of the site, lasting around 20 minutes. Questions will be topical and about gaming, and a bit about yourself. If you have something interesting, let us know and we'll put you on!

4. Nice! Sign me up! But what if I'm a spectator? What's there to entice me? 

Ah. They'll be competitions, including puzzles, quizzes, riddles etc. Submit answers to the host, and every week correct answers will be given points. Whoever has the much points after 25 episodes will get a nice prize! They'll be other stuff too, but wait for next week...

5. Alright, I've got the idea. Any important rules to follow?

Not really, just the forum rules. But cheating, badmouthing etc. will NOT be tolerated. We don't want anything evil or malicious, and mods will be roaming around, so keep it clean please!

6 (NEW!). Alright. What else will be present then?

Oh alright. Since it's so close to the actual thread going up (just waiting to start the interview with the interviewee now!), I'll tell you. As well as the interview, you'll find (names not final):

  • Hidden gems- a game that looks great that has sadly been overlooked by the site or the gaming media
  • Retro- Looking back at events in gaming this week in history
  • Competitions- Read above, but these will include things such as the one below:
  • And more! (Revealed in future)

(recognise this character?)

And here's the bit which we need your help on. As I mentioned earlier, the name isn't yet finalized, and so we have a number of choices above. Choose your favourite, or any other suggestions, as well as your reactions and if you'd like to take part, any questions etc., and we hope you'll enjoy this as much as we are making it! 



Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Ugh, why does this ALWAYS HAPPEN!

Trying to make the OP look better now;


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I was the first to vote !!! yay !!!


Awesome! I am glad to reveal this project to the community at last!

Some of you may remember UnReal Talk...I loved doing the show but due business in general over the past 2 years I never had the opportunity to focus on a show like it...but now I can!

With conegamer as partner I have someone who has different views to me on many issues in gaming and a different style of presenting/hosting, we hope you will enjoy both styles!

Please vote on the name and I hope you take part in the communtiy activites on next Fridays show and enjoy the interview!

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Nicely done, now make sure you aren't interviewing darth ever!


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Acevil said:
Nicely done, now make sure you aren't interviewing darth ever!

Well, only the mock interview of course

And I've made the OP a bit clearer now, so please vote and enjoy!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

So far I'm the only one to have voted VGChat, the actual NAME of the thread :/

It's a bit worrying when your partner who came up with the name doesn't vote for it ;)


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

In case you hadn't already guessed, I voted for UnReal Talk

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hahah darth kun no joke, I was gonna ask you about doing a program just like this over this weekend! :D great idea and would be pretty cool to see what comes out of it

and I voted VGTalk. I likez it

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lol I still like UnReal Talk the most as a name!

IF we don't count either of our votex VGChatz is winning!

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