You love the main character, and love the game, WHO ARE THEY???

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Monkey - Enslaved
Cole & Lucy - inFamous 2
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Me - Fallout 3 :)


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Terra + Celes - FFVI
Crono - Chrono Trigger
Cecil + Kain - FFIV
Link - Zelda series
Lenneth - Valkyrie Profile
Fei + Ellyham - Xenogears
Samus - Metroid series
The Hero - Dragon Quest V
Vyse, Aika, Fina and Gilder - Skies of Arcadia

In most of the games I can honestly say I love, (which aren't really that numerous) the protagonist is more of an avatar for the player to project themselves onto than a character, and thus, is really neither likable nor unlikable. But there are a few exceptions, namely Wander and Grom Hellscream from Shadow of the Colossus and Warcraft III, respectively.

First, Wander. In some ways he's not all that unlike Link. They both begin their adventures with little more than their own determination and a vague clue where to go. Both are practically alone in their quest, and both have little to rely on besides their own resourcefulness and bravery. However, where Link is courageous and hopeful, Wander is hateful and desperate. Where Link knows what's right and acts accordingly, Wander realizes he must go against what's right to fulfill his wish. Before the end of the game, you know Wander realizes something is very wrong, and that his doings will have dire consequences, but it doesn't matter to him. His only wish and sole thought is her revival, by any means necessary.

And stuff.

By contrast, Grom Hellscream is an ill-tempered and inherently disobedient jerkwad, with a bit of an addictive personality. (Except instead of downing gin & tonics and smoking bongs, he drinks demon blood and kills everyone around him every now and then.) But he's still a decent guy all in all. I guess I can just relate to him.

Mega man x, beofre they gave him a voice. -_-

Hmmm, odd. I don't really love the main character in any of my absolute favourite games.

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Nathan drake, squall , cloud , hawke ( DA2) , shepard , jonh marston , leon kennedy and the king of them all snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, these are all great characters and i love all these games


lightning- FF XIII
Shepard- Mass effect 1,2
ceres- FF VI