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I have Earthbound for the SNES somewhere in my closet, that's worth at least $100.

I also have ICO, I got that for $30

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Carl2291 said:
arcane_chaos said:

lucky bastard, suikoden II is ridiculously high(even the used copies) i've been trying to get a copy for years, now I'm just hoping sony puts it on PSN...

Unfortunately, Suikoden seems to have taken a huge dive out of Konami's "We care about this!" book

I remember hoping ages ago that they would bring the Suiko Collection for the PSP to the West. Would have made me buy a PSP straight away.

i know :(

don't get me started on how pissed I was when the suikoden collection didn't come to the west, damn near broke my heart.  I hope Konami doesn't pull a scamco move with the suikoden series(specailly after the good reviews suikoden teirkries got)

The original first 3 (Japanese) final fantasies on NES, and a Japanese 'famicom' (NES) to play them (all in mint condition)

It was already my favourite franchise by the time I went to work in Japan a few years back so I made a point of picking them all up, but I won't say what I had to pay for them...,but whats the use of having money if you don't enjoy it huh?,

...and compared to some first edition books it was cheap.

(on a side note, I never realised the suikodens were so rare!, might have to make sure I treat my copies extra nice (they are both near-perfect but I will now make sure they stay that way))


Favourite Games of 2013 1.Tomb Raider(PS3) 2.Atelier Ayesha(PS3) 3.Virtues Last Reward (Vita)

I am currently looking at a collection of 9 'Commodore 64' games

- 'Rollin'
- 'Pulsoids'
- 'Confuzion'
- 'Tangent'
- 'Collapse'
- 'Boulderdash IV THE GAME'
- 'Pipeline 2'
- '4 Quattro Arcade' (Pinball Simulator, Poltergeist, Grand Prix 2, Fruit Machine Simulator)
- '4 Quattro Adventure' (Vampire, Ghost Hunters, Super Robin Hood, Dizzy)

And I would imagine, although i cannot confirm it, that the Commodore 64 is floating around in the attic somewhere


Edit: Just looked in the casset cases and three of them do not have the original casset in them but one belonging to a different game lol

'Collapse' has 'Excaliba' in it, 'Rollin' has 'The Complete Home Entertainment Centre' in it and '4 Quattro Arcade' has 'Bullseye' and ' Every Second Counts' in it.

My rarest system is a Sega DreamCast. Rarest games would have to be Power Stone 1+2 for DreamCast. Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for GameCube. I also have Game and Watch Collection 2 for DS from the MyNintendo store so I guess its rare!


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PSP Go.... that should be worth a lot way down the road, its discontinued, didnt sell. but i still love it.

i also currently own:
PS2 (fat)
PS3 (fat 80gb 2 usb)
PS3 slim (160gb)
Gameboy Color

i owned:
PSP 1000 (sold it)
PSP 2000 (stolen from me)
Nintendo DS
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP

The rarest game I own is Electroplankton for the DS, released in 2006. One of the official stages in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is based on Electroplankton (it's the one with all the flowers that change colors when you hits them). It was developed and published by Nintendo. One of the producers is the legend himself Shigeru Miyamoto, and the executive producer is Satoru Iwata. As far as I know, this game wasn't advertised at all by Nintendo, at least not in America. It is a very unique and creative game, but it's not as much of a game as it is an audiovisual experience. Each of the 10 electroplankton have a unique characteristic, and they make different sounds. By playing around with them, you can create your own music. I wouldn't say it's extremely rare (I see it going around on eBay for about 40 dollars on average), but it isn't very well-known. There are only 7 other people on VGChartz that have it [registered].

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