How important are achievements/trophies to you when buying a game?

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How Important are achievements/trophies to you in a game?

Extremely Important! I li... 6 8.00%
Very Important! I base mu... 13 17.33%
Important. I enjoy gettin... 20 26.67%
Not very important. I onl... 29 38.67%
Scum of the earth! Their ... 7 9.33%

i actually hate em b/c im like ocd with stuff like that completing things

but if i game iam on the fence about has easy trophys yes ill get it and vise versa

yes i always look at the list pre release

i only have 2-3 games that i dont have the platinum for currently but as time in this gen goes buy ive kinda lost interest in platinum trophy hunting some upcoming games like bf3 i know will have brutal online trophies and i'll never plat it but i'll be buying it and earning what i can

yeah i think it has increased involvement but not enjoyment some of them are just alot of grinding and frustration and for nothing cause there are players that just boost the hell out of them

i really hate the remastered games like MGS b/c i did everything with the game in the ps2 version yrs ago (stealth camo unlock ect.) i dont want to have to do it again especially with all these good current gen games about to release i dont want to sit through that with MGS 2 and 3 when i should be playing unchared 3

if i were sony ms or nin i would make multi plat games have exclusive achievements meaning getting rid of all the hard grinding ones for ones that are more achievable idk about nin but im sure this would sway gamers to the console with the easier achievement list

i also hate games with glitched achievements and they never get patched but when gamers hack some of there achievements they get banned what about the game dev he should get banned for failing at his own game

hopefully all this trophy hunting this gen was not for nothing meaning that they will still be displayed in are online profiles for next gen if not i'll be done with it next gen


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It's sure a nice thing to have but i don't rely on them. Though I know a few examples where they even have a disastrous impact (World Of Warcraft etc.)


I enjoy hearing the achievement/trophy sound come up every now and then during gameplay....but in determining of a game purchase, I really dont care

I want to say something between very important, and important. I do base my gaming on trophies/achievements, but not drastically.

For example, if there is a game I really love to play, I will replay it again to get all, or as much of the achievements/trophies as I can. If the awards are easy enough, I will even complete/platinum a game.

So games like Fallout and Oblivion, where you get almost every award by completing side missions and DLC, I will do. Something like Uncharted I will collect all the collectables, and beat it on Crushing. Same with Gears of War and Halo, except I'll also work on the multiplayer achievements too. Awards also bring me back to rewarding games like Splinter Cell: Conviction. Despite the age, you really want to complete the title.

However I won't play an RPG twice to get all the awards, once you beat the game you don't really want to put in another 50 hours, at least not anytime soon. So for these games I just get as much as I can as I go along. There are exceptions, I beat Mass Effect 2 twice because DLC justified a second play through.

However I won't pick and choose which games to play based on awards. I may play a PS3 game with trophies over one without them, but generally I play whatever game I like at the time.

In the end, awards are a nice competitive addition to games. I hope Nintendo adds them to Wii U, and maybe gives you Wii points to buy games with them. That would be nice, getting rewarded for playing games.

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I thinks trophies are a nice feature but isnt always necessary to do them. But it has help me play more from a single game thus getting more value out of it. As well it allows players to explore and do things they might never have thought of existed in the game. I personally just like to platinum games i really enjoy though some trophies for certain games are a bitch...effing SF4!!!!

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I base my game purchase in trophies... no trophies = no buy for me.

There are just few exceptions (games I brought without trophies).

They are awesome. I will buy games with trophies over games without trophies unless the gap in quality between the titles are large.

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Not at all...

I think they're more annoying than rewarding.

i only notice them when i get them

I prefer trophies over achievements, but I always strive to get both of them, which is something I am not proud of. It's sort of like an addiction I want to crush. I don't mind collecting trophies and achievements after completing the game, it adds replay value, but recently I have been playing through games I'm not really interested in just to earn trophies.