Nintendo Wii U not a threat that requires PS4, says Tretton

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ah, Tretton, by far the most insecure exec around. Always resorting to mud-slinging and chicken-hearted cheapshots.

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I can't take Jack seriously with the history he has.

Let's not forget that the wii is a fad, motion controls are gimmick and new gen only starts when they say so....... Ohh wait a minute =P................ lol

lol i like how people get all riled up over pr talk... i suppose what he was supposed to say was the wii u is an enormous leap forward in technology which completely blows our product out of the water don't buy our crap buy the wii u

Typical Jack, being honest n then says a statement that makes no sense.

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A large portion of growth within the industry in the last generation was a movement towards multi-platform ownership, and a system can become very successful if it is positioned as either competition or as a compliment to other systems on the market. In ways I believe that the Wii U is trying to be both at the same time.

Hypothetically speaking, if Sony and Microsoft produce effectively the same system as eachother (again) in the next generation and Nintendo can offer something unique and compelling, Nintendo could win by "default" because they could appeal to a lot of people on their own and become the obvious "second console" for everyone who buys their competition's console.

Ignoring a threat is the best way to overcome it Jack. Sony tries to sell the PS3 for its graphical capabilities and since the WiiU is clearly a lot more powerful does that not make the PS3 irrelevant Jack?

NJ5 said:

In 2006 mankind was thrown back to the stone age and technology stopped evolving.

Next gen starts when Sony says so.

Nintendo says "PS Move? Welcome to the party!".

I think that's about all I can come up with right now...

How about only kids play the DS or was that another Sony PR?

I can understand where he is coming from because the Wii U won't immediately end the PS3, but saying that no system can go beyond the PS3 is just plain arrogant, seeing as how modern CPUs will eat the Cell for lunch. Typical Jack.

I see where he's coming from, any retaliation to the WiiU right now will be nothing but Knee-jerk so there's really no point right now. Best course of action is to see what the WiiU has to offer, see how good it is then react accordingly.

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