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At my Walmart the oringinal Conduit is selling for 10 bucks brand new! Anyone going to go pick it up? Oh and Happy Father's Day Zelda 3DS is out today in America!!! Wow, this day really is a good holiday. Free breakfast at Mcdonalds anyone?

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Sega published that mcdonald game !

So many glitches in the first Conduit. Like rapid fire rocket launcher. lol that is still so fun.

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It's worth it for $10, easily. Multiplayer was pretty nice until it got hacked.

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I wonder if even now if it is still hacked? I guess I will find out tomorrow! Anyone else pick it up or is this a dead story? Should be Ten bucks till Weds. I think?

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I played it the night before conduit 2 was coming out..still a few people on and didn't see any hacking..the network coding is bad so any game with over 8 people starts to get laggy..

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for 10$ I would buy it for sure. The conduit was a pretty good game at launch.

Well any one else who wants to finally try this game out (brand new) I would go out and check it out before they stop the sale. Fling smash with motion plus is also 10 bucks when you buy the new wii play motion game at toys R us

Conduit despite it's faults is worth $10 for sure. Enjoy.


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10 bucks is worth it, but im still gonna pass, Killzone3 and Goldeneye and Cod Black Ops is all the FPS i need right now