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I'm all for Microsoft using Blu-ray in the next xbox console, while i have been very quick to adapt to downloads,
i still think it's important for them to cater to everyone possible.

Which makes Blu-ray a sensible way to go. (Maybe if the HD-DVD player was built into the Xbox 360 originally, the story would have been different)

Royalty wise, Microsoft should be in no position to complain, they're paying royalties to the BDA, instead of just Sony, and even if that was the case, Sony sells pc's with windows OS on them, royalties for who? MS off course.

Before i get hated on, i own both PS3 and Xbox 360. (I prefer 360 actually)

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oh btw... I forgot to mension even if I do not believe in BR future and think plastic disk are shitty storage solution.... I have nothing against nexbox having a BR player if it has to have some sort of disk reader... I still think I'd be better off with my 100Gb USB key on my key chain loaded with the 2 last game I got at game stop... my family profiles and a couple games DL on XBL as well as my saves for a few games... when charlie calls me after work to swing by his place to have some serious play time....

without saying that they could come up with 2 nexbox... the "nexbox media player" with BR and the "nexbox cloud" fully digital and cheaper in price....

Blu-ray on the next Xbox console would be nice, but it wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me. I spend so much time playing games and watching Hulu and Netflix that I hardly even touch my current DVD collection at all, unless it's to pop in a workout.

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Should do what nintendo do - something similar to Blu-Ray with lots of storage space, but not actually Blu-Ray to save on royalties.

I definately want more space, that's a given I'm sure and I'd like a decent sized hard drive to be standard but I don't really care about BluRay. I rarely watch disc based movies anymore and when I do I already have my PS3.

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I think Microsoft don't use BluRay in the next XBox, they definitely will use Discs with more space than now but I think they will rather develop there own Discs like Nintendo do with the WiiU than pay Sony money for BluRay.

scottie said:
Should do what nintendo do - something similar to Blu-Ray with lots of storage space, but not actually Blu-Ray to save on royalties.

Yes I think it is very realistic that Microsoft do the same l with there next Xbox as Nintendo do with the WiiU. This would be the best for all, Microsoft  save money and is able to offer the next Xbox a little bit cheaper and if they develop there own Discs they  have the opportunity to add as much space to them as they need, and people who want to watch films still can watch DVDs  or they can download them. I think there is no reason why  Microsft should use BluRay.

It'd been nice. Switching disc doesn't annoy me, but I'm sure devs would appreciate the extra space to work on.

if the next xbox had bluray....would it be considered a stolen exclusive??? :P


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Microsoft won't have download only for the nextbox, they'll do what they and Sony are both doing now and release titles online and in shops, there may be a certain section of people, like Selnor, who have amazing internet connections (yes Selnor, please don't say you have bad internet, its amazing), but the vast majority of people will need to still buy disks, I'm happy to own something virtually, but I much prefer a physical product