Has anyone played Scarface: The World is Yours on Wii at all?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Has anyone played Scarface: The World is Yours on Wii at all?

I just rewatched Scarface earlier today and remembered how much I loved this movie. I also recently learned there was a pseudo-sequel game made for the PS2, Xbox, Wii, and PC. I read that the Wii had some new controls and it was very good but I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience?


Is it worth picking up? Thoughts?

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It's been a while but yeah, Scarface and The Godfather were two of the best uses of Wii's controls. (Bully too).

Personally, I preferred Godfather but that may simply be because Scarface was extremely violent and had course language by the truckload. Which comes with the territory I suppose considering what it's based on.

In a nutshell, it's damn fun, it's damn cheap now and you'll love it. Go get it.


It was one of my first Wii games that I bought.

If you like the movie, you'll love the game. Tony's one liners and the soundtrack alone make it a worthwhile purchase.



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I'll give the give a nod as well. If you liked The Godfather, Scarface is a definite pick up and vice versa.

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Awesome! Thanks everyone! :D I need me some Tony Montana!

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The voice actor also did a pretty damn admirable job of capturing Al Pacino's character.

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The best thing about Scarface is that it has a swear button. And that swear button is also the run button. So every now and then while you're running around you'll pause to cuss out a random passerby.

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I just finished replaying Godfather yesterday...seems like I found a new game to play.

Scarface on Wii played well and was reasonably fun. Also about the closest to GTA as you'll get on the Wii. I never finished it for some reason (I seem to recall a particularly difficult shoot-out sequence), but I did have fun with it.

It had some of the best controls for Wii if you ask me.

Nobody named it so I should do it: Bully was an awesome game and you should try it out!