Anon : PSN Users "Butthurt" and "Selfish" For Wanting to Use PSN During the Outage

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That's pretty absurd really...

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The irony about this argument is we will never know whether Anonymous would have succeeded or failed in what it was they were trying to do. Their strategy was eclipsed by the hackers that actually breached the network, and made Sony pull the service for three weeks. Maybe their modest attacks might have garnered some sympathy, and Sony may have decided to defuse the situation by changing their stance on alternate operating systems. Given how very stubborn Sony is that was really doubtful, but it was still possible.

Everyone is forgetting in these debates that Sony did something that was wrong. They sold the PS3 as a Console/PC. Then after they had sold millions of them they decided unilaterally to remove the secondary feature. Making the argument that they had a choice doesn't negate the fact that they were having something stolen from them. They have every justification to be upset. They bought a dual purpose machine, and were promised the same service that everyone else was promised. Sony just decided to victimize a lot of innocent people to convenience themselves.

What really makes it all so tragic is that these dual use consumers are part of how the PS3 survived to become viable in the marketplace. They were heavy among the early adopters. Without them the console might not have made it through the first year. The console was terribly close to being still born. So the current owners might in the end actually owe these guys big time. The same goes for Sony. So what if they threw a tantrum. Had they not been there in the first place to throw the tantrum the network might not be there today.

Anyway it was a big blunder on the part of Sony to turn on them. They may not need hardcore early adopters in the here and now. However they will want them when the next console generation comes around, and if the next generation plays out like this generation. They will probably outright need technophiles to buy in early. While the majority of them will not thinking back to how Sony stole from them the last time around.

I think you hate Sony.

LOL! No problem just keeping my eyes out for the obvious!

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