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No, imo SOCOM might be their premier online game, perhaps with Killzone and Uncharted multi making it somewhat contentious. They hjust have to listen to fans for god's sake, we just want a more expanisve update of SOCOM 2.

SOCOM 2 was amazing, even one was quite good.

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Naaaa they are still very valuable, they can release a Socom or MAG version for PSV featuring crossplay and enhanced features. I guess they can re use their code and pull it out in time for Q1 2012. They can always try a new IP.

Just look at DICE they failed comercially with Mirror's Edge but they bounce back with Battlefield 2.

mantlepiecek said:
Zipper should do something like Rare....change direction and start making PSN better by adding features etc. They are very talented when it comes to features in online mp.

I wouldn't want Zipper to become like Rare, but they should change pace and focus on improving the PSN.

No. MAG is good... SOCOM I don't know because I didn't played it yet.

AnarchyWest said:
Zipper needs to listen to actual people who play been with the series since Socom 1 rather than try to get COD players to switch over to Socom. Zipper sold out big time with Socom 4. Please Sony have Bluepoint Games studio release Socom II HD.

100% this!

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Zipper makes good games they just need a better director or big picture person that understands what would sell and what wouldn't. Mag was fun but I was just thinking there was no way this game would appeal to a broader audience without fundamental changes.

No. MAG wasn't a failure. Over 1m hard copies sold + PSN downloads, and it launched at $60. Socom 4 bombed so I think they need to move on to something new.


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Procrastinato said:
TBH, Zipper is, in many ways, the tech powerhouse of Sony -- they have made unprecidented advances in network tech, as well as usage of the Cell for non-rendering tasks -- think of all the CPU muscle required to run the game logic, physics, and animation for 256 players at once. Even the SOCOM 4 co-op has a *really* impressive number of pretty intelligent AIs. I would even go as far to say that their 3D rendering tech is the best there is -- full 720p, at 30 Hz, with MLAA... that's pretty dang impressive. That, with all the networking, animation, ragdoll & physics, etc... is simply outstanding.

Pressing the reset button on such a team would be like folding a Draw Poker hand that has a pair of aces, before the draw -- i.e. it'd be foolish. What Zipper needs is good creative and design direction. They have some incredible engineering muscle -- they just need some creative juice to fuel them.

Fully agree with this. MAG was a massive step forward for online and really using the network. I still play MAG and although i can see why some were dissopointed with SOCOM i enjoyed using my team to really outsmart what tbh was a very clever enemy.

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No, Sony shouldn't sell them. MAG was a great unique game and more importantly has amazing netcode, even if Zipper don't make as many games they can help Sony out in many other ways. I think to be successful Zipper have to be encouraged to do their own thing, MAG is still fairly active because it was unique, Socom was best before it went casual; Zipper just need to make their own games and they'll be fine, not selling Uncharted levels but easily profitable

MAG did great for a new IP online only game. Love it.

They have the best netcode out there aswell.