Valkyria Chronicles 3 in NA and EU ?

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The first game was great and i loved it

the second was a PSP diamond

now the third looks promising but will it ever see a release in the west ?

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At the moment consensus is that we won't see it.

Then again as hope dies last:

- there's games con in Germany this year where they could annouce it
- then there's TGS where Sega could annouce PS3 HD collection of VC2+3 or remastering of VC games for Vita
- some other company might pick it up and release in west



BTW if you are interested about VC3 I'd suggest dropping a question to sega twitter to show there's interest among gamers.




I expect it will make it's way to the west, and if not officially eventually there would be a fan translation.

I'm expecting/hoping for it to come to PSV! with PSV upscaling games the game will look even better and control options will be better too

VC3 in OLED!!!!???? 'faints'

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Looking at the sales of VCII outside Japan i see why Sega isn't very excited to announce it. But again, what did they expect? Releasing psp software nowadays is just like feeding the pirates.