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The 3DS has at last topped the million mark in domestic sales. Enterbrain reported the sales feat in its May sales report, which Mainichi passed along today.

Nintendo's fledging portable took thirteen weeks to reach the million mark. In contrast, the DS reached the mark in its fourth week. The DS Lite and DSi took eight weeks. The last major DS iteration, DSi LL (XL outside of Japan) took 25 weeks.


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Glad to see that it seems to be slowly picking up. I'm still waiting for the next round of games on it myself, but there is some promise and potential that is yet to be tapped...


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I hope that means I'll be meeting more people with StreetPass soon. :)
Congrats on the first million.

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good news hopefully the great software announced for later this year can help even more.

Hopefully Vita gets here before the lead is too big! Congrats though, many more millions coming.

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good news, and fairly impressive considering the lack of software for it


It's just that simple.

Is the software the reason for the sales failure?

I added one more to that number today. Got mine + Zelda OoT 3D for 95 Eur (traded back my DSi XL for 120 Eur) and I'm enjoying it a lot. The AR cards are amazing!

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