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Welcome to the Industry Icon Tournament! 64 II's from Programmers, to Vice Presidents to Gaming Journalists will battle it out to become VGChartz Greatest Industry Icon!

The match ups are chosen at random.

Seece will be co-hosting. New rounds will go up everyday around 4-7PM EST/ 9-12PM BST

The Rules.
1. Vote for ONE Icon.
2. ONE vote per round.

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Ken Levine dammit!

Damn, this round is tough. But I'll go with Yves out of respect for how far he has taken Ubisoft from its humble beginnings. Plus he doesn't look like Steve Carell if he were starring in Grandma's Boy.

That's a tough one... although he isn't directly involved in the development of games, owning the publishing giant behind the Tom Clancy games, Prince of Persia, Rayman and the Assassin's Creed franchises gives Yves a huge impact on the gaming scene. On the other hand you've got the twisted but brilliant mind of Ken Levine involved with Thief, System Shock and Bioshock which have all impacted various gaming genres with unique twists and ideas.

I'm going to tip my vote in favour of Ken Levine.

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Ken Levine - he's awesome

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Ken Levine is the man!
Seriously, I can just listen to this guy talk in interviews all day. Inspirational and brilliant.