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Yea there is the comments thread but this need improvement quickly as its really making these forums bad. 

Forum navigation since update is bad, why did you force us to go to the forum index instead of retaining the quick drop down bar when going over the forums the last time. 

Modification is when you hover over the forum index, and drop down bar comes down listing all the forum sections (or the main ones: general, sony, ms, nin, sales). 

this is an must needed improvement, fast. 

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I agree, I much preferred it when you could jump between boards within a thread.

I agree.
IMO, sometimes this sites changes just for the sake of changing, instead of bringing real improvements. And this sometimes ruins a working funcionality, wich is the case. Since this is a site that has in characteristics a faithful public, I reckon big changes should have at least a consultation among site dewellers before becoming a reality, just to get a feedback. It wouldn´t hurt.





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Damn and I just made a post about this in the suggestions.

I fully agree, the best navigation was probably 2 iterations ago where you just moused over the forums (gamrConnect now) button at the top. Now it's just absolutely terrible.

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I agree, and I also dislike the hair splitting they seem to be doing with the Off Topic, Sales, and Website sections. Of those, only Sales was particularly busy prior to the change, and none of them were busy enough to necessitate splitting up the boards in order to keep track of different topics. Hell, people aren't even using the Latest Charts board, instead posting everything in general Sales Discussion like before.

Using Hot Topics kinda makes up for this, given you can recombine each group of boards, but you're still forced to edit and resave which group you'd like to view, instead of going from one to the next via a single click.

In the grand scheme of things, these are minor issues, and I don't have much trouble getting around the site, but it was definitely more convenient before.

What's funny is that if you're on another part of the website and mouse over gamrConnect, you'll still find links to the original seven boards.