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Are there any recent third person shooters that have decent game length? Something that will last more then five hours? Into the double digits with some replayability?

Could be for any console and PC.

I've grown sick of FPS  (Wii and PC as I'm not good with them on a dual analog controller) to be honest and looking for something different. Thanks.

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our review says Uncharted 2 is 10 hours long (had to check) so I guess that would qualify. And it's flippin' amazing


Red Faction Armageddon.

Dead Space 2.

Infamous took me about 20 hours on my first play through, it's also really repayable and that's why I finished the campaign another two times after my first. Infamous 2 just came out and I've heard it ain't to bad.

Uncharted 2 took me about 9 to 10 hours, played through it twice, it's not as repayable in terms of new things to do, but it is an extremely fun game to play and it's worth a second run.

Gears of War 1 and 2 went on for about 10 hours a piece, both have co-op and they're fun.

Mass Effect 2 was about 20 hours, it offered a unique third person experience, which basically means that it strives for interaction and storytelling over third person game-play, but it was still fun and it lasted a while.

Red Faction Guerrilla is a fun game, the campaign can get repetitive and boring, but the missions in between are really fun and it's a game that strives on game-play and environments. Red Faction Armageddon is a turd of a game, played it for an hour and returned it, just horrible and I don't recommend it.

Dead Space 1 and 2 are about 10 hours each and are both amazing games. I highly recommend them if your looking for really atmospheric and fun third person campaigns, it also probably helps that you can pick up the first for about $10 now.

Vanquish is the best playing third person shooter on the market, in terms of enemy AI, level design, game-play and visual effects, it trumps every other shooter I've listed. It's only about 5 hours long though, but the replay value is extremely high, it's structured like a SHMUP, which means it warrants multiple play throughs just so you can beat your times and get higher on the leader boards. Just as an example, I played the challenge demo about 40 times before I bought the game, it was that fun and amazing.

Resident Evil 5 is really good, it plays slightly differently to the other shooters I've mentioned, but it's more fun because of it. Don't listen to what others might tell you, it's the best in the series and deserves a shot.

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Dead Space had a quite decent length, it took me 12 hours to finish. If you're a fan of cheesy sci-fi horror with quite a fun arsenal of weaponry then definitely check it out.

inFamous. It'll take around 20 or so hours. I highly recommend this one. Super-hero sandbox at its absolute best.

Mass Effect series, TPS/RPG hybrids. take 8-12 hours if you're only doing the main-quests, much longer with side-quests. Although, the difference between the two games is that ME1 has more emphasis on RPG elements while ME2 leans more on the shooting elements. But the first game has much superior plot and writing.

Red Dead Redemption. It's a Rockstar sandbox game so you'll definitely get your money's worth. Be warned that the game's pacing suffer especially around the middle part of the game but it's worth checking out.

RE4. Ok, this is an old one. I actually played it quite recently and was shocked to know that it took me 19 hours to finish, It's also one of the best TPS I've ever played. you can find it quite cheap nowadays.

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You could play Vanquish... twice... >_>


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Vanquish is longer than I'm used to.. but long or short, it's still the best TPS this gen... so go for it anyway.

welcome to the best type of gaming other then puzzle games

i recommend

uncharted drakes fortune and uncharted 2
mass effect 1 and 2
gears of war 1 and 2
james bond blood stone [a really really fun underatted game]
la noire [it mixes the action paced of 3rd person shooting with puzzling and dectetive work 1 of the best games yet]
gta iv [truely fun]
socom 4 [its a 3rd person battlefield 2]

Dead Space. For me 15 hours, for most players maybe 12-14 hours and a superb game.

Mass Effect 1... But it's mediocre from a shooting standpoint in my opinion but a good game nonetheless.
Mass Effect 2 :). Much improved shooting. Stripped Vehicle travelling. Aweful mining minigame. Nonexistant story basically. (Though lots of character chatter and relationship building).
Both of those games are much better on the PC

Deadspace 1>10hrs. Deadspace 2 is like 9 (my favorite game this gen). (Not counting deaths I think)
However. Deadspace 1's controls on the PC suck unless you use a gamepad. Dead Space 2's is fixed. (I used a gamepad on both though)

The above areo on PC

Uncharted's 1 and 2 are about 9-10hrs... but that's only on ps3 with dual analogue like you said you didn't want.