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Man Transforms into a Women with Surgery to Escape Mexican Police


Aaron Vera Morales wanted to escape justice  and thought he could do it if he changed his appearance but authorities captured him.



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Defrauded government agency


MEXICO CITY - A Mexican man in his attempt to flee the police, underwent plastic surgery to change his appearance to look like a woman. The reason for his crazy idea was to go unnoticed after committing a fraud of some 200 thousand dollars to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), according to the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

The individual's name is Aaron Vega Morales who acted as a representative of a company that sold a stereo to IMSS

The federal agency reported that at the time of his arrest he was carrying documents with a new identity as a woman.

"Vera Morales, 33-year-old Mexican national, who was in eagerness to avoid prosecution resorted to plastic surgery to change his gender identity from male to female, was arrested in San Salvador Tizatlati in Metepec, Estado de Mexico "-Reforma newspaper published in the online version. 

The law allows in the City of Mexico for individuals to change their gender identity. Vera faces charges of falsifying documents.

The PGR distributed photographs of the prisoner, who at first glance seems like a woman, but the agency can not say whether he only changed his appearance with surgery or even gender changed.

The authorities have not given more information about the case.




 My question is whether he will be put in a male or female prison.



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He's got ball-okay, not anymore.

Not a bad idea... but it would have to be to avoid a much bigger penalty than that.

It's crazy... specially to avoid a 2 million pesos fraud...
I guess he already had some intentions of changing his sex...

It was all an excuse to finally get rid of his buddy.

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That's a man!

Anyone who's breaking the law is obvious a criminal.

Not something i would ever even consider.

LOL, it must suck that he did all this, and (s)he still got caught.

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waw that plastic surgeon of his has done one hell of a job to his face, pretty skilled surgeon.
i want ot know how he looked before he changed sex



superchunk said:
Not a bad idea... but it would have to be to avoid a much bigger penalty than that.

So you would be all up to it for something of a much higher degree? Well I guess you could get a free pass to girls restroom and shower....