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@jaos: agree

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I have already pre-ordered it

Nothing to see here, move along

How can you make that decision without knowing price ?


I will preorder as soon as possible.

Go buy Metroid OTHER M!

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I'm not expecting a huge price tag, so I'll definitely be tempted to do so when Nintendo gives me more info. It interests me a helluva lot more than a lot of stuff in gaming right now. Like Bilson from THQ was saying, that controller has all KINDS of possibilities.

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Probably not for me, unless Nintendo does something that really wows me. I was hyped for a 3DS, and got it soon after launch. But, that hype has died, and now I find that I'm using my DSi just as much again. What I have seen of the Wii U leaves me more concerned that it will not have enough things that interest me. I may wind up following the trend in Japan- move exclusively toward portable gaming.


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i will be getting it but when is the question. if they have a game i want on launch like lets say Pikmin or a 3d mario then yes.

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It's Nintendo.

Thats enough for me

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I'm preordering!

If it's not the 3DS scenario all over again, I'll adopt it very early.
Like I did with all Nintendo consoles before.
Except for the 3DS...

Tempus fugit Nintendo manet.


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