Which will you own? 3DS or PS Vita?

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Which will you get?

3DS only 134 26.43%
PS Vita only 219 43.20%
Both! 76 14.99%
None of them. 17 3.35%
Not sure yet./Just wanna see the results. 61 12.03%

At this point, Vita it looks amazing and Sony just blew me away with it. But I would have said the same about the 3DS last year, ask me again at launch

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Both eventually. Which one I'll own first depends on what Nintendo decides to do with the 3DS at today's showing. If there's a reasonable price cut and some great software announced in time for a holiday release it'll be 3DS. If not, PSV.

I already own a 3ds loving it so far i could care less about vita

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I'll definitely get 3DS because of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright and Nintendo games. I might get a Vita when there are more games on it that I'm interested in. The new Vanillaware game is a start but I need more.

I was holding out for this moment so I didn't quickly jump ship to 3DS just because of 3D. Now that the price of PSV was revealed, I'm totally for PSV. I was never really that excited for 3DS and its games probably the only game that I want from it is Megaman Legends 3. But I wouldn't usually buy a console for only one game that I liked. So it's not enough. PSV looks like a must have for me, most of the announced games are games that I would want to play. So I think that's why I'm leaning into PSV more than 3DS. But maybe who knows, once 3DS gets a really nice price cut and games that appeals to me gets released, I might buy it.

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Probably just the 3DS, but you never know.

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Already have a 3DS and looking forward to OOT, RE, Kid Icarus and Metal Gear, Wanting to play Pilotwings and some e-shop stuff.
Will most probably get Vita at launch and rent my games from gameaccess.ca. Looking forward to ICO-like games, Uncharted, Infamous, Ratched and Clank, Jack & Daxter and MHPortable.

Neither, I'm amazed the Vita is $250 but that's still too much for a handheld for me.

Currently the Vita looks a heck of a lot more interesting.

Like the PSP i think there won't be any game i NEED on the Vita, plus all my money is going to Project Cafe. I already own a 3DS

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