Which will you own? 3DS or PS Vita?

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Which will you get?

3DS only 134 26.43%
PS Vita only 219 43.20%
Both! 76 14.99%
None of them. 17 3.35%
Not sure yet./Just wanna see the results. 61 12.03%

I'm still going for 3DS. Things doesn't look that much different from last generation PSP had a superior hardware, DS had games I liked more.

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theARTIST0017 said:
juicy said:
Nintendo has better 1st party games, i dont care for graphics that much...and im more interested in 3D than having the better graphics

the interesting thing is, 3DS graphics are REALLY good!!!

You need to invest in better glasses. They are slightly above PSP levels. Sure it isn't DS bad but nothing to be happy about compared to 2011 smartphone/tablet standard.


Maybe I'll get both or maybe none of them. When I've tried the 3DS I've find it hard to see the 3D effect (ok, so I tried it in a mall, maybe not the best place) and it still doesn't have any game that I like. And Vita... well, it hasn't launched yet and given how things went with the PSP I'm gona wait a little.

In the end, if both have good games I'll probably buy them, but just not now.

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Probably just Vita, but I wouldn't rule out buying a 3DS in a few years or so once it has an established library.

3ds is completely underwhelming compared to vita

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vita but im gonna wait for the slim version.
I also think the d-pad will be redesigned because the buttons look too close to each other.
apart from that theres more features and games than anyone could have hoped for.

Already own a 3DS, better games to come in the future. Nothing on Vita is appealing to me so far, it doesn't matter what the handheld is like if there isn't any games I want... Also, with money this tight, we would probably rather save it up for some games for the hardware we already have and *maybe* the next Nintendo console (if not then buy it later when the price drops-cannot pass up on Zelda).

The 3DS has the better games, so Nintendo will make it again

For now I'll have to say 3DS only (I already have one).

All of the Vita games just look like games that I'd rather play on something else or are just not interested in. Uncharted? I already have U1 and U2 on PS3 and I'd rather play the games on there. LBP? Not that interesting to me. Bioshock! I'd rather play on the 360/PS3. I still haven't even played Bioshock 2 and I've had that for a long time now. SSF x Tekken? I'd rather play fighting games on a console with my joystick. MNR? Well I just got the psp one free (Sony's WBP) and I'm not really in any rush to play it. Wipeout? I already have Wipeout HD/Fury for the PS3. The size of the PSV is unappealing as well. Bigger than the monster PSP-1000? No thank you.

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PS Vita for me. It has a lot going for it and at a wonderful price too. I stopped caring about the DSs after i loft my DS Lite and the extreme rehashing and remake line-up of the 3DS does not interest me. In all fairness, the Vita has a few rehashes themselves, but those games actually appeal to me.

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