Which will you own? 3DS or PS Vita?

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Which will you get?

3DS only 134 26.43%
PS Vita only 219 43.20%
Both! 76 14.99%
None of them. 17 3.35%
Not sure yet./Just wanna see the results. 61 12.03%

Wouldn't it have been better to make this thread after Nintendo's conference? Anyways, I owned both a DS and a PSP this gen, and I'll also be buying both next gen, especially 'cause I only have time to play games on handhelds nowadays. I'll probably pick up the 3DS first, as it will probably get a price drop to compete with Vita, and Vita onyl has Uncharted that interests me so far, while the 3DS has Zelda, MGS 3D, Resident Evil and the Mario game theyll announce today.

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juicy said:
Nintendo has better 1st party games, i dont care for graphics that much...and im more interested in 3D than having the better graphics

the interesting thing is, 3DS graphics are REALLY good!!!


nintendo forever . . .

Well, both! :) Since I already have the 3ds and I'll buy the PSV on Christmas, but if I had to choose one... probably PSV, I'm a pretty big nintendo fan but this time sony has greatly impressed me. I liked the psp basically just for graphics and a small number of other games but now they've not only released a visually powerful system but the exclusive games are awesome and vast too! I mean c'mon I'd choose uncharted and little big planet over nintendogs+cats and steel driver any day! (ssfiv3d is good but the psv street fighter let's you play as cole and jin:DD)

But anyway It's kinda early to decide since Nintendo hasn't really released any good games for now (in stores)

already have the 3DS and loving it.

Vita does not have a single game right now that i am interested in playing.

also 3DS will have Pokemon = WIN

I can't lie. I'm going to end up with both.

I want Kid Icarus, OoT, and the inevitable Super Mario game for the 3DS and I want Uncharted, Wipeout 2048, and the inevitable platformer starring either Ratchet, Jak or Sly....

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I already own a 3DS and I sure as hell won't be buying a Vita.

I learned my lesson after buying a PSP early.



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I've got a 3DS now. The only game that will make me want a PSV is a new monster hunter title.

Eventually i will get both but i will be getting PSV day one and 3DS next year or i might wait for a new version of it

I have a 3DS and will stick to it for now. I prefer Zelda, Mario, Layton etc. to anything Ive seen on Vita, and the 3D 'gimmick' as well as the other SW has it for me...

When PSV drops to £100 from £230 (and the 3DS is already £160 BTW), i'll get one. But I'm happy with what I have currently.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I'm nintendo fan boy since 10years old, but I see different thing about both of them and I already had dsl and psp ... So... BOTH!!!