Which will you own? 3DS or PS Vita?

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Which will you get?

3DS only 134 26.43%
PS Vita only 219 43.20%
Both! 76 14.99%
None of them. 17 3.35%
Not sure yet./Just wanna see the results. 61 12.03%

If I get one chances are it will be a PSV.

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Vita for sure 3DS maybe.


Nintendo has better 1st party games, i dont care for graphics that much...and im more interested in 3D than having the better graphics

I'm leaning towards Vita, but the jury is still out. Neither one is wowing me right now. We'll see what Nintendo shows at their conference, because right now there are very few games on 3DS that interest me. Honestly, which ever one ends up with Monster Hunter will likely be the one I get, that will be the deal breaker for me.

Well, I have a 3DS and I'm loving it atm.

I might get a Vita, but it is unlikely.

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PS Vita alone most likely. Nothing on the 3DS interests me at the moment. I think this might be the first time I resist buying a Nintendo handheld simply for pokemon....lol. Damn Pokemanz.

Can't wait to see where Monster Hunter goes.

That will go a long way in determining the winner in Japan methinks.

sorry Nintendo your handheld just got owned harder then you can say it..
ps Vita for me

Vita Sold. Always wanted a handheld never was really sold. But with vita graphics and games i cant resist. BTW i dont really care for 3ds dont care for the games, multi are fine but i just dont did nintys ip's.



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Well this generation I owned both PSP and Nintendo DS. But the reason I bought PSP was for StarWars:Battlefront and PowerStone. However with Vita while it has several beautiful titles, I'm just not a Sony first party fan. I also have alot less income than I did when I bought both PSP and DS.

So with less income I have to choose only one handheld this generation. I pick Nintendo's 3DS because I have always loved Nintendo's first party titles. Now if my financial situation drastically changes over the next year then I might consider getting a Vita, but only if titles come out that I deem must own titles.


Right now I'm satisfied with my 3DS, saving up what little money I have for games and Nintendo's next home console. I think next generation I might return to being a single company guy. Up untill this generation I would only buy Nintendo's consoles, but with Wii having such poor third party support and DS lacking some of the bigger franchises I bought all three platforms.

However with less income I may have to choose one company again and stick with their platforms. If thats the case sorry MS and Sony but I will always be a Nintendo guy. When push comes to shove Nintendo will always win in my books!



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I already own a 3DS but PSV looks amazing and I love the price (plus Uncharted and a Bioshock related game), so very likely both.