Which will you own? 3DS or PS Vita?

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Which will you get?

3DS only 134 26.43%
PS Vita only 219 43.20%
Both! 76 14.99%
None of them. 17 3.35%
Not sure yet./Just wanna see the results. 61 12.03%

Now that we know the price of PS Vita and some games, which of the 2 handhelds of this generation will you buy?

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I'll start and say both!

I already have a 3DS and I will certainly get a PS Vita in the future.

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If any, would be leaning towards the Vita at this point.

Due the games just PSVita now... maybe 3DS in one or two years.

The PSVita/PS3 integration really got me.

Both. I will say that PS Vita has two games that I'm really interested which is more than the single game I want on 3DS. So, we'll see how it goes. I'll either wait for enough great games or till they get super cheap.

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Easily both, I am huge fan of both companies, arguably the only one on this site it seems at time.


PSVita. I'm not that interested in the 3DS (the only game I'm interested in is Devil Survivor which is on the DS btw), but that may change tomorrow.

just like i have DS and PSP, i will have both of these, but if PSV is as good as their touting, 3DS might have to wait

Vita! That thing looks amazing!

at this point - just vita if any. i'm not 100% sold on vita but certainly leaning towards a purchase. i'll be honest though, vita's line up isn't selling me directly. psp BC (since i never got a psp) is what is probably the bigger selling point at this point. 3DS made me feel sick when i played it which is a pretty bid deterrent for me.