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Has Microsoft already lost E3?

Yes 348 82.08%
No 76 17.92%

KINECT KINECT KINECT !!! what do you expect.


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I don't understand how people can complain so much and say it was worse than last year. I thought it was a huge step from last year because every single kinect game they showed last year was casual. This year there was 5, which were Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2, Sesame street, Disney game, and Star wars. MS E3 definitely focused more on core games for kinect like Ryse, ghost recon, ME3, Minecraft, Fable, Forza 4, etc.

I was disappointed there were not any of the games anounced at TGS like Rise of nightmares, project draco, steel battalion, etc. Plus were was Alan Wake game and RARE?!?!? Other than that I liked it.

Yes. Their conference was awful. ONly thing I am truly jealous for is Minecraft. :(

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disolitude said:
Mr Khan said:
disolitude said:

Was it really that bad?

I mean, Bing voice search across all streams of media on Xbox Live will sell more 360 units than any bombshell "exclusive". With this lineup and features, Kinect will annihilate this holiday season.

Not sure Sony or Nintendo can do much to change that, even if they announce 100 exclusives.

Bing voice search will sell bunk. If anything out of that will really move 360's to new audiences, it'll be Disneyland Adventures and possibly the Tim Schaffer Sesame Street one, but i don't see those features doing much of anything, except broadening the potential use of existing 360s (which will lead to expanded revenue in its own right, to be sure).

Mostly Microsoft needs to refine their presentation for Kinect. They're getting close, but bad actors onstage has always been a negative.

It's not a total failure, but its not what Microsoft needed to make up for their lack of new hardware in this run

I politely disagree. I know so many people that use Xbox for media streaming and when they show their freinds voice search on Netflix, people will eat it up. Hell, I want kinect just for that...And for scanning shit lol. Star Wars looked kinda lame but I want to try it for shits and giggles and Kinect Sports 2 looks fun.Mass Effect 3 looked really good too with Kinect.

Kinect really has a double standard around here.  MW3 and Tomb Raider which seemed as much "on rails" as any Kinect game shown. And people will be raving about those 2 for months to come.

Incredibly true, all I could think about whilst watching the MW3 demo was "and COD gamers think Kinect is all about on-rails" seriously unimpressed with a franchise I didn't know could let me down, due to not liking it in the first place.


Fact is even though there were no massive surprises there was a number of good big games and services announced so yes they "played it safe" but it was still all in all a decent showing.

BenVTrigger said:
Both Sony and Nintendo have new hardware so its hard to honestly compare them.

Plus how can Microsoft have possibly "lost" when the other two conferences haven't even aired yet.......

Honestly core gamers can be so annoying.

You make a point about the others not aring yet but their conferance was just so bad... It hasn't lost yet technically but I wouldn't be putting good odds on it to be the winner or even not last...

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From an entertainment perspective they have done well this E3. Xbox has become more than a games console - and i think that Kinect will make the multimedia content more accessible - especially to people perhaps with sight or even hearing imparments; i think they shouldve mentioned how the console would be better for people who find navigating GUI difficult - for whatever reason; technophobes or those with visual imparments. thus making hand movements, voice commands very useful.

however for me i dont care about that, i recently signed up to a film thing a few days ago on PS3 and i've only seen 1 film - so what a waste really. point is even if their is loads of multimedia content, i care only about games. i can do all that stuff on my PC.

and because i suspect Sony have planned to show their HD collections, this alone makes them more interesting this E3. the reason i think Nintendo has a chance is because we have no idea what Project Cafe is.... will the games deliever? and come on another Halo... we have this every year, shooters dont interest me!

Tomb Raider on rails, wow just wow. MW3i can see until you get online

I knew we wouldn't get a good core showing (Gears, Halo and Forza along with COD exclusive content is BIG for the typical 'core'gamer, but crap for me) So I didn't get my hopes up.

Now what I did expect was a good Kinect showing, but it was all BS. I GET why MS are going this route, but I don't like it. That was an awful conference but not an 08 Nintendo or 06 Sony awful ... just a dissappointing awful.

Halo 4 should have been a 720 launch title.


If they win, this is the worst E3 ever. I'm a 360 fan too. Their conference was crap!

Microsoft conference in  a nutshell!
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