Has Microsoft already lost E3?

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Has Microsoft already lost E3?

Yes 348 82.08%
No 76 17.92%

Are 434 Industries good at making games though?

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pariz said:

All that Kinnect enfasis and Halo 4 on 2012 aren't enough. Are they?

Nintendo and Sony will tell.

What is an enfasis?  Do you mean emphasis?

Rainbow Yoshi said:
Are 434 Industries good at making games though?

If you're talking about 343 Studios the majority of them had a hand in the early Halo games. The head of the studion is one of the main creators of Halo at that. I'm not sure why so many people worry about how they will handle Halo when they've been handling it for a very long time. Do you think Microsoft would hand their prized posession over to newbies?


On topic:

I think Microsof t had a pretty good E3 considering everything was leaked ahead of time. If you have a Kinect like me then you were very excited with the evolution of the device as well as some of the new software.

Love the product, not the company. They love your money, not you.


oniyide said:
@d21lewis bullcrap, how about new IPs for the core gamer?? That would be a start. Halo 4 and another Halo remake?? Are they trying to turn that franchise into COD?? a spinoff to an existing IP?? footage of a game that by all rights should have been released already??? footage of games that are multiplat???

They always show multiplat titles at their conferences.

“When we make some new announcement and if there is no positive initial reaction from the market, I try to think of it as a good sign because that can be interpreted as people reacting to something groundbreaking. ...if the employees were always minding themselves to do whatever the market is requiring at any moment, and if they were always focusing on something we can sell right now for the short term, it would be very limiting. We are trying to think outside the box.” - Satoru Iwata - This is why corporate multinationals will never truly understand, or risk doing, what Nintendo does.

no, m$ has not lost e3 by any means. they showed off halo4, halo 1 remake,hardcore games that support kinect in a very nice way and showed quality games overall. i liked there e3 alot, and am happy to see what games i will be buying between now and next year.






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Both Sony and Nintendo have new hardware so its hard to honestly compare them.

Plus how can Microsoft have possibly "lost" when the other two conferences haven't even aired yet.......

Honestly core gamers can be so annoying.

richardhutnik said:
pariz said:

All that Kinnect enfasis and Halo 4 on 2012 aren't enough. Are they?

Nintendo and Sony will tell.

What is an enfasis?  Do you mean emphasis?

You got that right. Sorry. I got mixed up with spanish.

the trouble microsoft has is that its exlusives are so easily comparable to other multiplats and in some times the multiplats are better and thus how can you be excited for them. exclusives need to be unique in order to create buzz

Mr Khan said:
disolitude said:

Was it really that bad?

I mean, Bing voice search across all streams of media on Xbox Live will sell more 360 units than any bombshell "exclusive". With this lineup and features, Kinect will annihilate this holiday season.

Not sure Sony or Nintendo can do much to change that, even if they announce 100 exclusives.

Bing voice search will sell bunk. If anything out of that will really move 360's to new audiences, it'll be Disneyland Adventures and possibly the Tim Schaffer Sesame Street one, but i don't see those features doing much of anything, except broadening the potential use of existing 360s (which will lead to expanded revenue in its own right, to be sure).

Mostly Microsoft needs to refine their presentation for Kinect. They're getting close, but bad actors onstage has always been a negative.

It's not a total failure, but its not what Microsoft needed to make up for their lack of new hardware in this run

I politely disagree. I know so many people that use Xbox for media streaming and when they show their freinds voice search on Netflix, people will eat it up. Hell, I want kinect just for that...And for scanning shit lol. Star Wars looked kinda lame but I want to try it for shits and giggles and Kinect Sports 2 looks fun.Mass Effect 3 looked really good too with Kinect.

Kinect really has a double standard around here.  MW3 and Tomb Raider which seemed as much "on rails" as any Kinect game shown. And people will be raving about those 2 for months to come.

@megaman79 which is something i always had an issue with, let SE or whoever show off their own game. The console guys should be focusing on their own IPS and showing those off IMHO, unless you pull a FF13 and a Portal 2 to shock and awe people, but why waste time with Tomb Raider and MGS?? Its not like those games arent available elsewhere