Has Microsoft already lost E3?

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Has Microsoft already lost E3?

Yes 348 82.08%
No 76 17.92%
voty2000 said:
Microsoft is trying to expand it's market and this conference has shown that. To the "Hardcore" gamers this seems lacking but that isn't what Microsoft is going after now. They have Gears 3, Halo Remake and 3rd party games to support the "hardcore" gamer. They have just about all the "hardcore" gamers they are going to get so now the focus is on the casual market so they can expand the market. Just wait till this holiday season when Kinect starts selling like mad again.

Forum dwellers act like exclusives are really important but that isn't entirely true. Sony is releasing many more exclusives than Microsoft and is outselling it by only a small amount. The exclusive they are releasing are no longer console sellers like they were when the generation started so focusing on the casuals is the next logical step.

In short no, Microsoft has not lost. They are appealing to a different market which is much larger than the "hardcore" market. I watched the conference with my 11 year old nephew and now he wants me to get Kinect so we can play. He loved it.

Interesting insight.
While I was watching it I was thinking to myself: "they are trying to stay loyal with those who spend some money on a peripheral and that's the smart way to go". Yet still,  I think this presentation was not what someone would expect from the "american" company of the bunch. Not spectacular spectacular if you know what I mean.

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In terms of gaming, the others are releasing new hardware, so MS didn't have much chance. But in terms of general entertainment and taking it to the next level, thats a whole different story.

But, although there are a ton of haters, I think MS have done an incredible job in broadening the appeal of Kinect beyond just the casual gamer. I am now excited to get Kinect to try out some of the new stuff. I know people are always opposed to change, but Kinect really is starting to make the motion sensing and voice control look natural, the Ghost Recon demo looked amazing. I think we are looking at the future. Also some of the new innovations in Kinect fun labs have been going unnoticed, they can very well incorporate into future games, such as the head tracking 3D effect.

Overall, it was a bit disappointing to not see more controller based hardcore games, but I am really impressed with what MS have done to appeal to the core with Kinect and also take entertainment to the next level with Live and futuristic Voice+Motion support.


Definitely. Sony and Nintendo will be hard pressed to do worse than that.

Yeah. Honestly, one of the weakest shows in years, still quite decent though.






Do you really need kinect for voice commands in ME3??
Headset would work just fine....
It wiil be funny if ME3 on PS3 will use headset for voice commands.

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I thought their Kinect showing was quite strong.

Shows they're serious about it.

just an fyi, i missed the actual conference so i'm speculating off of posts here but...

... if the show was terrible then recent history proves post E3 sales will be fantastic!!

Was it really that bad?

I mean, Bing voice search across all streams of media on Xbox Live will sell more 360 units than any bombshell "exclusive". With this lineup and features, Kinect will annihilate this holiday season.

Not sure Sony or Nintendo can do much to change that, even if they announce 100 exclusives.

Thats the worst E3 conference in history, so underwhelmed i cant believe they didnt announce any new core games for this year or even a single new IP.

Unless my sig ends up true then MS have failed by far.