Has Microsoft already lost E3?

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Has Microsoft already lost E3?

Yes 348 82.08%
No 76 17.92%
slowmo said:
I was wrong voting yes, every single conference was pretty boring to me. Sony provided nothing to interest me on the PS3 front and I can hardly get excited about a handheld device price announcement that isn't ridiclulous but is still more than I'm going to spend. The less said about Nintendo's conference the better, I think a shortage of anything new and interesting in terms of games about sums up my thoughts.

I'm not declaring a winner as I will watch the conferences again before I make my mind up but its ended up a lot closer than it ever should have been. I'm still not sure how Sony and Nintendo have managed to launch new hardware and not make the shows exciting. The 3DS reveal at E3 last year was far superior to both hardware launches this year.

I think no one will dare to argue to that.