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7.5/10 good bit of punky rock there

John Denver- Country Roads


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9/10 Love me some country every now and then :D


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7.5/10  I didn't like it at first, but then it kind of grew on me.

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Owl City is hit and miss with me, this was a hit. 8/10


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Not normally my type of music, but I dug this peaceful sounding tune.  sspecially the harmonica at the end. 8/10

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Not a big fan of the death metal genre (although I'm not sure if that song can be consider death metal), but it's actually really good. 8/10

Sorry for the long song, but is one of my favorites Dream Theather songs :)

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Meh... didn't really do anything for me. Not bad though. 5/10

Some more Neil Young for your body:


9/10 - Neil Young fucking rocks!

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It DEFINES music. 11/10.