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youarebadatgames said:
If I had time to get back into it I'd take a peek at EVE. I love hearing the stories of griefing, PVP, and large fleet battles. Looking forwards to Dust514 to shake things up.

EVE, only MMO I ever tryed (unless Utopia qualifies :P). If I had the time, that's the one I would play.

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I've recently been in a rut with my gaming.  So I've been looking back at all the MMO's that I've played and tried out a few again.  For about a week, I was in a super hero mood and tried to get back into City of Heroes, I tried Champions online and even DC when it went Free but I couldn't get into any of them.

Just for fun, I'll list all the MMO's that I've played, and try to do so in order.

1.  Planetside

2. Horizons

3. City of Heroes

4. Lineage II

5. Guild Wars

6. Everquest II

7. World of Warcraft

And I've played just a little bit of these MMO's; Everquest: Online Adventures, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Hellgate, Vanguard, Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy XI, Maple Story and Spiral Knights. 

I'll say that I miss the friendships I made during Planetside, the amazing Paladin/Necromancer I made in Horizons, being a super hero in City of heroes, killing the Chinese Famers in Lineage II, and how easy it is for me to get back into WoW and have fun with it every time that I start playing it again.

I can't pick one that I prefer, but I will say that I've been looking to get back into one or a new one, with a good group of people that I can chat with and have fun (not just the community as a whole, more so on the Guild level of things).

I used to play Runescape back in the day, great stuff.

How I hate all things MMO, im so glad I quit wow and havent looked back since

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pokeclaudel said:
The only mmo I actually got addicted to was MapleStory though it was years ago.

MapleStory heard about that, its under nexon. i see the plenty of games the to choose for like combat arms, mabinogi, vindictus, dragon nest etc. i played drgaon nest there ^^

EVE Online

I used to play Drift City - bet none of you have ever heard of that one :P

It was a driving MMO - very fun.

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radishhead said:
I used to play Drift City - bet none of you have ever heard of that one :P

It was a driving MMO - very fun.

yeah never played that game. but i will check it

the only racing game a ever played was Gran turismo. after than get bored with racing game.  >_<

Eve online is really good if u can get into it. it has much more to offer then other mmos like WoW and such
my favorite part of the game is the lack of kiddie rules like "no scamming" ( if your stupid enough to get scammed sucks to be you)
i also like how every item has a purpose, in wow a lvl 10 sword is worthless, in eve the smallest ship class ( frigate) can really do good in pvp
there are stories of 10 friends in cheap frigates taking on very expensive battleships and winning