What are you expecting for PsMove @ E3?

Forums - Sony Discussion - What are you expecting for PsMove @ E3?

- announcement of more exclusive & Move-specific games from Sony

- To get less focus/limelight at 3rd parties' showcases

- A killer software

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I think Sorcery is the only thing that will be worth showing, if it's still being worked on at all of course.

Well Big big is working on 3 games where one is a fitness game,Hunting game and a sniper game(hopping this is good)

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Something that makes it worth to keep mine instead of putting it on e-bay.


My Move is staying put.

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Rainbird said:

I think Sorcery is the only thing that will be worth showing, if it's still being worked on at all of course.


I really want to see more of Sorcery, and a release date ofc.

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bet with Mordred11 that Rage will look better on Xbox 360.

it will have to be an aweosme star wars game, or something that involves Swords because thats all i see it being use for. 

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im expecting Sorcery, some more 3rd party games supporting it like they have been doing, more on the PS3 version of Child of Eden, No More Heroes HD, not much we already dont know. What I want is a new Hot Shots Golf game, a real Ape Escape and maybe they shock us with a new Red Steel, that series deserves one more shot. IMHO the Move is the least selling of the motion add-ons but has the most games for it out there, funny how that works. Not concerned about it at all

I think Resistance 3 will ve shown using Move and I hope more FPS games start using it. I want Heros on the move 2! now!! lol no.

more info on this nameless game

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