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Hey, have you noticed the sweet new  logo? You know the one that sort of reminds you of the logo? Or maybe if you have heard of this random company? Well it turns out if you search for "MW" logo

you get alot of


and even a little bit of


It's not that I necessarily hate the


design, just there seems to be alot of

around already. I just think they could have come up with something a little more original then

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Might wanna format that post, haha

formatted now.





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Honestly, I thought the new logo looked too immature. I mean, bright green colors with 3 characters?

I don't exactly know the word for it, but it looks too... plasticky, you know what I mean?

For example, this was the old logo:


BOOM. Looks squared off, very not-plasticky. Here's the Bad Company 2 logo:


A little rusty, a little dirty, yet full and straight to the point. Now, compare with this new MW3 logo



I mean really? Way too clean, too short. Why did the devs even want to abbreviate it?

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I don't think the new abbreviated version looks very good

MW......omfg to similar!  CHANGE THE LOGO NAOW!!!

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Damn, MW has been taken!

...Like 1000 times