PlayStation VITA...the rumored name for NGP kinda makes SENSE now!

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Its still a crappy name lets hope Sony names it something good. 

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PlayStation Veeta which is how you pronouce it. YUCK! 

I just can't see that, it's horrible. 



Horrible name. They should just stick to PSP2, as that is miles better than PS Vita or PSV.

dany612 said:

PlayStation Veeta which is how you pronouce it. YUCK! 

I just can't see that, it's horrible. 

Hadn't thought about it, but Veet is also for waxing and hair removal and stuff.

Well, really hope this name, if rumours are true, just stays some misbegotten code name.

Who cares about the damned name.....as long as it is good, thats all that matters.

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I don't like it, it sounds like something a vegeterian would eat.

darthdevidem01 said:

We have two major reasons for this:

1. PlayStation Vita can be shortened to PSV

V = 5 in Roman

And the NGP will be the 5th major PlayStation launched (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3)

So PSV would be a fitting name and a subtle nudge for people to see that this is the 5th Major Playstation System to be released!!!

2. this ones a bit far fetched but I'm bored so...

PSV...when you pronounce it you say PEE ESS Vii .....its almost like Wii is included in there. We all know that the Wii is a huge success...some consumers may think the system is meant to be a freakish combination of PlayStation and Wii.


Other reasons include:

- Vita meaning Life in Latin

- [terribly overdone lame pachter joke] Pachter hates the name so this mean the name will automatically be a HUUUUGE success [/end terribly overdone lame pachter joke]


Anyone else got any positive reasons for VITA being the name?!

When I first saw the name, I immediately thought "Vitamin", and given the shape of the NGP, that just reinforces the thought. Now I can't get it out of my head!

Bristow9091 said:

PlayStation Vita

Pee Ess Vii



Final Fantasy VII


... Do you see?!

You win.

M.U.G.E.N said:
Xen said:
darthdevidem01 said:
Xen said:
V-r0cK said:
Xen said:

Only the few chosen ones know Roman numerals, the consumer sheep won't be turned!

How can the majority not know Roman numerals? If you know Final Fantasy then you gotta know Roman numerals lol

The majority has not been exposed to FF. Darn kids and their calls to duty.

All have been exposed to STAR WARS (which uses roman numerals)

And yet, they call GTA IV "GTA Ai-Wee". What do you want to do, Luke to teach them the correct pronunciation? :P

@V-rock: Yup, some of the duty answerers do have BO. Body odor, that is :O

0_0 tell me you are joking and there are no one beyond the age 9-10 saying that!

beyond 9-10??

IMO, for a kid over 7 years old it's already a joke.

You don't learn that in USA?

I'm surprised by the number of posts regarding this.

Rafux said:

Vita is the second letter of the greek alphabet. Alpha, Vita, Gamma...  PS Vita = PSP 2

Oh God, I'm a Greek classics PhD student and I didn't even think of that. That's truly embarrassing.

To be honest I really like it, though I don't think they're gonna keep it. It also makes perfect sense because the psv can be a huge part of one's life. When they travel, in their bed before they fall asleep, in the park, at a school trip, everywhere, since it's portable. They can watch movies, listen to music, play games with friends online even cross psp/ps3. I personally use my psp everyday more than anything. And it was a huge part of my life during my military service.