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Tosh.0 vs Web Soup

Tosh.0 10 76.92%
Web Soup 1 7.69%
Niether 0 0.00%
I don't know anything about these shows 2 15.38%

i know this might sound stupid my a couple of buddies  acutally had a heated discussion about this, me and about another 4 chose Tosh.0(Daniel Tosh) because his comedy is actually funny while Web Soup(Chris Hardwick) comedy is the one you get but really isn't laugh-out-loud funny. the other 3 said Web Soup

so people which do you chose?

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At first I thought they were web development tools rofl

...I voted "I don't know anything about these shows" :p

I don't know the other one, so Tosh.0


Tosh.O, no contest

Websoup just feels uncomfortable...

Tosh.0. The host on Websoup just isn't that funny to me. Of course, I haven't seen Websoup in almost a year, so maybe he's gotten funnier since then.

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Tosh.o b/c is funnier.

Look what I found on Tosh.o's blog.


Tosh.0 is much better, his humor is hilarious! and can't forget the web redemptions of course!