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Last year, we invited three hundred fans into our press conference. This year, we’re shooting for a million.

You’ve been requesting it, so for the first time, we’ll be broadcasting the entirety of the PlayStation press conference directly into this Blog. Additionally, we’re setting up a mini-studio in the PlayStation booth, and we’ll be bringing in developers while the show floor is open for interviews, live demos and to answer your questions via a built-in chat module. It all starts right here on June 6th.


Great! :) I was hoping they would do this

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this is good, but i'm from the uk, and the show don't start till 1 in the fucking morning, so i have to sleep over it. it's so unfair,why can't a conference i don't care about be at that time.

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Great news.  Will definitely check this out.

whaddya mean, "BLOG".

Is it a video or not? I mean, it does say "watch", so I'd guess it was a video....but with all the tweeting, twittering, dumping, etc I wouldn't be surprised if "watch" means "read" :-/

also, according to the comments section, the press conference might be comparable to previous years, there is an event for attendees after the conference, unfortunately. SO, probably no 5 hours of glory, then...

ah, also according to the comments section, it's a full livestream, not just a liveblog. That's good news. Hopefully, Sony's servers can handle it. :P

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well there goes an entire day of studying next tuesday

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good to know;)

Thank you, gonna watch on my PS3 :D

stupid question : when is E3 ? when are the confs ?

thx u ;)

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libellule said:

stupid question : when is E3 ? when are the confs ?

thx u ;)

Press conference times: 

Sony: June 6, 5:00pm US/PST 
AU: June 7, 10:00am AEST 
UK: June 7, 1:00am BST 

Microsoft: June 6, 9:30am US/PST 
AU: June 7, 2:30am AEST 
UK: June 7, 5:30pm BST 

Nintendo: June 7, 9:00am US/PST 
AU: June 8, 2:00am AEST 
UK: June 7, 5:00pm BST 

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