House of The Dead Overkill Coming To PS3... With 3D, Move, And Trophies!!!

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primogen18 said:

Get ready to pay $60 for a 3 year old port of a rail shooter you can get for $9.99!

hmm no. IF this ends up a bluray release for more than 40 bucks it will bomb hard. it should be a psn release. There are way too many quality shooters on the ps3 for people to care about this at a higher price point

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I'll give it a shot if it retails 40 or below.

I wasted a lot a' dollar bills on the Arcade version.

Fun game.

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INTERESTED. On rail shooters and Sega FTW!

badgenome said:

I came.

you are coming quite often ^^

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KungKras said:

Sales shall be compared!

750k thus far on Wii, incase you wondered.

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Good to hear, game deserves more sales. Hopefully they fix it up a bit for the ps3 version cause I'd like to see it pass a million combined.

I wonder what other awesome Wii games can gain a new audience on move/ps3.

Maybe the TRAUMA series? also Elebits, Zack & Wiki, Red Steel 2... all good games that could use the sales.

edit: naturally Darkside Chronicles is also a shoe-in for a move port.

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I played the heck out of the Wii version glad to see more people can finally play it, I'd like them to support the Guncon as well, but fat chance that would happen it seems :-S Moves pointer is alright just not as tight as the Wii's pointer cause of the two reference points vs 1 for the Move, if this comes out at budget price I might just pick it up for the Trophy support, plus another few and far between local multiplayer games that I can play on my PS3, and the disc is going to last longer than a Wii disc.

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This game was terrible.  All it had going for it was the rampant F-bombs.  Everyone excited for this game is going to be disappointed.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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