Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is just so awesome.

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i haven't got it yet, hell i don't think i'll get it anytime soon, i'm still not in the mood for repetitiveness, while the second game is leaps and bounds better than the first, its very easy which makes every mission attempt snorefest, Ubisoft always does that, and they do it for the sales, but Eidos on the other hand does the whole stealth thing a lot better, so i'm thinking of just skipping on the whole series, since the storyline didn't get me much, its just trying too hard to be Metal Gear-like while at the same time being cliche as hell GTA-like.

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It was a good game, but I also didn't think it was better then ACII. I took a long brake before finishing brotherhood after I figured out it pretty much more of the same with just 1 map and everything was 1 of n, it felt more like work then fun.

I'm still glad I picked it back up again for the tombs, subject 16's puzzles and leonardo's missions (although infuriating at some points)

It's a shame that most of the story missions were extremely lineair.

The most annoying missions were in the Castel Sant'Angelo. Let me find my own path, in one mission I climbed to the top and used the parachute to get to the next waypoint, only to be led through to the exact same point I was just 5 minutes ago.... The mission were you had to hold some lady at knife point and drag her to the jail was the worst, she kept escaping and running away, then you had to slowly shuffle her back a bit before she ran again, repeat 10 times.

The end were you have to use the apple of eden was terrible. Partly my own fault for not repairing up before the whole unstobble last mission sequence where you are walled in all the way. I only had half a heath bar for the apple (normally way more then you need). And every time a few cowering targets were left over with no way to kill them. I'm trying to tackle them and push them around nothing happens. Call arrowstorm, kills other cowering guard but misses the real target. Finally I found that you can blow them up if you are close enough and charge the apple far enough, very close in my case since my broken armor didn't leave me with a lot of power for the apple. Useless.

On the other hand the mission were you stalk the banker and finally kill him from a bench was pretty good.

Assassin's Creed Revelations... Now we know the series is gonna get milked for all its worth.

Revelations will close the Ezio arc.  Then when III comes out, they'll milk that for another 2-3 games. :P

Never played brotherhood, but my friends keep bugging me that I should play it.


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A superb franchise. So elegant.

I've yet to play Brotherhood (saving the goodies for later and I dunno if I should play the PC or console version) but AC1 was great and AC2 absolutely fantastic.