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I don't think this was mentioned yet: The Ace Attorney games. Mia Fey and her lovely tits.

the sims, most fighting game, residient evil 2, gta, the old leisure suit larry PC games, and most games with hot chicks in em like enslaved, bloodrayne, tomb raider, heavanly sword, and bayonetta

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Mr Khan said:
Mr. Fister said:

If I told you some of the games that made me horny (not even during playtime), you all would think something was seriously wrong with me.

As someone who played video games before he had easy access to porn, i can sympathize... <_>

Yeah, but I'd say the easy access to porn that I now enjoy has not diminished my arousal in certain games, if not exacerbated it. Seriously, even I'm surprised at what turns me on in some games nowadays.

DOAXBV...ah, good times.

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FF112 Fran is one of the sexiest characters ever in a video games ever and her accent was icing on the cake

Heavy Rain for OBVIOUS reasons

this thread is a classic !!

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Strange no one says Dungeon Keeper... where you play as Horny :p

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They don't make porno games,so no games make me horny. 

tony hawk's underground 2!

create a chick with a big cleavage, go to a wall and rotate the cam. now the cam should be completely zoomed and focused on boobs. OMG I just realized the game is already 7 years old otherwise I would think I'm sick or something else.