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twesterm said:

Easily the dumbest article I've read today, and I only stopped where he said it's better you were only one of 35 million instead of one of 1.4 million.

There's plenty of reason to get worked up over this.  Even if they didn't get my credit card information, they still have my name, address, email, PSN handle, and password.  Luckily I don't use the same password for any two sites but most people do. I only have to worry about getting junk mail and spam now, other people have to worry about a lot more.

That's a pretty massive problem.   People have plenty of reason to be pissed off.

Indeed, especially when it's so severe that the FBI, the FTC, the DHS, and even CONGRESS have gotten involved in this in some form another. This is NOT a good thing for Sony's image and people have every right to mad, wary, or apprehensive

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Gnizmo said:
Icyedge said:

I hope for you, because if its as you claim, your neighbor, schoolmates and/or colleagues can have a credit card under your name pretty easily, let alone all of your family and friends.

As Kasz said, it can and does happen. The problem is what can you spend the money on without getting caught? Anything you buy can be traced back to you as an individual eventually so the ability to get away with the crime is extremely limited.

The credi card will be under your name while it isnt, its not as easy to fix as having a credit card stolen because the user appear as being legit, you will not know until you ask for a credit report. Its a good thing that its not that easy to do this here.