Industry to Nintendo, "We finally got you."

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Industry to Nintendo, "We finally got you."

True, death knells are ringing 39 19.02%
False, Nintendo will be fine 110 53.66%
Pachter, Jaffe? LOL 56 27.32%

I believe Wii was also doomed 5 years ago.

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Sempuukyaku said:



Sony is "gaining strength"?

NOA is "in crisis mode"?

Mario Galaxy 2 is a "Super GameCube game"? Hasn't that sold 6 million copies now?



You guys crack me up. Seriously.

Thank you. Seriously. This Nintendo is doomed shit is getting annoying.

Mr Khan said:
Squilliam said:

Nintendo profits have just fallen back to earth. I don't think its anything to worry about, we just have to readjust to the current levels of success and their current levels of market power.


Profit problem is rather simple math. Their R&D Costs register in Yen, thier final numbers have to be reported in Yen, but their revenue mostly comes from Dollars and Euros, both on a comparatively weak run against the Yen

If it were NoA spearheading R&D, and NoA making the final profit calls for the company as a whole, the numbers would look rosier. Doubtless there has been a decrease overall, but its severity is overstated

Severely over-stated? They are reporting profit as if they are back in the days of the GBA and GC.