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$20 Wii Sports would open the door to a bare bones Wii SKU.


hopeully the list o games gets much longer soon

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@ superchunk Better late than never Now maybe this can help some thir party titles, say like madworld; if sega is willing to add it to the players choice line.

Madworld has been around 19.99 for at least a year now and will probably creep at least to 700k lifetime. The sonic games and Conduit 1 already are at 19.99 or below (save for mario and sonic, conduit 2, and sonic colors although they could use the select branding).

3rd party games that REALLY need this branding and price are games like COD3/w@w/MWRE .MWRE is still around $35 new some places, even COD 3 can be $25 some place and world at war went down at TRU for 9.98  (clearance price it wasn't a sale) but that lasted only a week or 2 until it jumped back up to 19.99. Umbrella and Darkside chronicles, Mushroom men (still $40 some places), Just Dance 1 among many others.