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wow ps3 sales.

remeber ps3 is 300 euro's what wil happen @ 250? or 200?

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Were there some adjustments? Last week looks completely different than before I think.

Anyway, very nice PS3 sales!

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I didn't exactly expect massive 3DS numbers, but certainly more than this...

CGI-Quality said:
zgamer5 said:

where is socom? didnt it release this week?


OT: Nice little boost here!

actually it did 16k :P

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

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As I learned earlier, SOCOM just isn't big in EMEAA.


PS3 = wow

Worldwide PS3 & 360 gap drops to around 3.5mill.

360 - 53.3mill

PS3 - 49.8mill


PS3 kicking ass, 3DS dieing.

DS is one crazy device.