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italo244 said:

WOW, PSP was a lot undertracked. The weekly numbers was 20k per week before the ajustments, and now he just sold more than the Wii some weeks!

I actually didn't know this. So thanks.

Great stuff psp!

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ethomaz said:
Michael-5 said:

I noticed PS3, 360, and PSP were both adjusted up for at least 2 months back, and the DS, 3DS, and Wii were slightly adjusted down. This puts 360 at a solid second for home console sales. PS3 got a larger adjustement then 360, but this may imply further adjustments in Americas in which 360 is likely to favor over PS3. Let's wait and see WW data.

No. NPD put 360 on spot and PS3 undertracked in VGC.

So if any adjustment happen in America will be on PS3 (up) and Wii (down).

and then 360 (and only 360 and DS) gets adjusted up in Americas by about 15-20% for the past couple weeks....

Maybe 360 is just doing better as a result of the PSN network failure..

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At least they adjusted PSP in march  as per Nintendo numbers from what i'm seeing.


ethomaz said:

After MASSIVE CHANGES PS3 outsold 360 EVERY week in 2011 (by GOOD margin).

Every week I said... 360 didn't win... it wasn't statistically tie... wait adjuststment to see the PS3 beating everything.

I love that.

You should make a thread about that. Let's see what people think.

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retroking1981 said:
Buzzi said:

DS in its 5th week in EMEAA

PS2 134,760 (-1%) 32,398,097
DS 49,520 (-10%) 647,965
GBA 24,130 (-11%) 17,265,751
XB 16,217 (-4%) 6,696,672
GC 9,084 (-3%) 4,192,522

See? DS with better software overall and without competition was doing worse.

It had a different brand from GBA, it was marketed better than 3DS and it was sold at a smaller price. And was being outsold 2:1 by a 5 year old console.

The expectation of Nintendo and, generally, people were too high, it's doing fine from the beginning to now.

but at least the ds outsold the gba

seeing the 3ds below the ds is quite worrying imo

If Nintendo cares only about 3DS they could just discontinue DS...but they don't they want to make money and DS 3DS are doing as well as DS last year, so the minimum target as been reached. With better software and other incentives 3DS should start selling well before the year ends.

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