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Hmm.  All of this this around the same time the PSN Steam Intergration was going live.  Got to have something to do with it too.


Also, admin accounts compromised?  There is definitely more to it.

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Donutsticks said:

all i can say is this will not hurt the sales of single player games.

This is why i don't buy multiplayer only games like Mag or Warhawk. 

Good, hopefully this improves the network altogether (though, I've never had a prob with it).

well, over all it suck but i guess i'd rather have psn down a day or two longer if it means it won't happen again later.  on the bright side -- i'm out of town for easter so i wasn't playing online anyways.

and fuck you hackers, every last one of you is a worthless piece of shit.

Maybe when it's over, the PSN will have some awesome new features (lixe cross game chat!).  I'm just looking at the bright side, here.

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Sounds like it'll be down until E3. Sounds pretty damn bad to be honest.

ElGranCabeza said:

Sounds like it'll be down until E3. Sounds pretty damn bad to be honest.

Sounds like you didn't read the thread.

The PSN needed to be re-vamped on more than just a new "coat of paint" anyway. Just sucks that Sony isn't more pro-active on this.

imagine this happened to onlive.

Fufinu said:
Ajescent said:
Fufinu said:
legend92(3) said:

I got this from PSU "As a result, “Sony then shut down the PSN and [is] currently in the process of restoring backups to new servers with new admin dev accounts.” The SCEE source said Japanese servers may be restored tomorrow while the U.S. and E.U. servers will likely be operational the following day. "


Took way too long to solve. I would have assumed that Sony would have had stringent security as well as valid emergency recovery plans :(

Seems I was wrong.

This is Sony we're talking about, they  never have a back-up plan.


Can't wait for the network to go back up.

Also, wonder why the hackers don't go to hit a bank instead. Or a company dealing with credit card transactions. Would give them something better than hacking PSN.

Already did that

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