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1. Valkyria Chronicles

2. Uncharted

3. Infamous

4. Gears Of War

5. Heavy Rain

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1) Wii series

2) Gears of War

3) Left4 dead

4) Portal

5) Mass Effect


1. Mass Effect

2. Bioshock

3. Gears of Wars

4. Uncharted

5. Dead Space

Don't really like AC that much AC 1 is probably one of my least favorite games i bought this gen, FFXIII is probably the only game i am more disappointed with. They redeemed themselves with 2 though, but still not enough to make the list.

1 Uncharted

2 Infamous

3 Portal

4 littlebig planet

5 mass effect

1 - Mass Effect

2 - Uncharted

3 - The Witcher

4 - Dragon Age

5 - Demon's Souls

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1.mass effect


3.gears of war

4.assasins creed

5.alan wake

1. Uncharted

2. Heavy Rain

3. Dead Space

4. Batman Arkham Asylum

5. Assassin's Creed

Is voting over?

1. Heavy Rain

2. Gears of War

3. inFamous

4. Dead Space

5. Uncharted

Alright everyone thanks for voteing!  I'm compiling the data and going to be releasing a results thread soon!  So any votes after this post are no longer valid.  Again thanks for voteing and keep a look out for the results thread for some great discussion on the best IP's of the generation!