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I agree with Legend11 based on the fact that my posting was locked and this is no different. I've got my eyes out for bias now! :)

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Legend11 said:

This thread is flame bait.  Notice the original poster's comment "My PS3 is collecting dust. regardless what people think, I enjoy my Wii.", what does that have to do with defective products?  Also another comment in the original post "So, anyone that has read this and is a Sony fan, is a closet Nintendo fan, just scared to come out!", just seems to be asking to start a flame war, otherwise why even mention a Nintendo fan in the thread to begin with?  Maybe there could have been a valid thread about a company's products but this definately isn't the way to go about making one.

Oh and before the original poster comes in and complains that I'm "attacking him", I'm just pointing out things in the original post that should not have been said if they had wanted a serious discussion about the topic.

Please close this thread.

Hey legend, why is is that when i post you always turn it around on me, vcome to think of it you turn it around on a lot of people, you are very sarcastic as well.

Once again I am not biased, which systems do you have? I have th ePS3 and wii....getting the 360 as well

I don't even have a 360 yet and I am praising the system for the graphics and library.

As far as flame bait, you tend to accuse quite often on this site, when if you look at my profile, and my posts I try and be comedic , diplomatic and very neutral,

I originaly wrote that to tie in with another thread(the sony/nintendo fan)

The reason I implemented it in this thread is that there was too much bashing going on between the sony and nintendo fans, I have owned defective products by sony before. Therefore I have a right to post it.

I glad that you are so perfect that you are content in everything that you do. Must be so grat to be perfect like you. Why don't you post a real picture of yourself like me. Just hiding, great stay hidden and keep your sarcastic comments to yourself, you have accused me of being biased on more than one accord.

dpmnymkrprez said:

So, anyone that has read this and is a Sony fan, is a closet nintendo fan, just scared to come out!


The line above was intended as humor for Sony/nintendo fans bashing each other in hopes it would put an end to the sqaublling.


BY THE WAY I MEAN THE REST OF THE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is directed at you legend..........................BACK OFF

The thread title is inflammatory but the ensuing discussion has been fine and this thread has been open for over a month, I'm not going to close it now. dpmnymkrprez - calm it down.

DKII said:
The thread title is inflammatory but the ensuing discussion has been fine and this thread has been open for over a month, I'm not going to close it now. dpmnymkrprez - calm it down.

Will do, i guess it got to me when i am trying to be neutral to everyone and on posts legend seems to over criticize or jump before listening or judging before reading.

Back to threads........................

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Oh great, just what Sony needs. On top of everything else, there are also defective Playstation 3's. Wow...

They just do it so that when people return it, they can get extra units sold. This just shows their desperation in winning the race and their utter arrogance.

Here is a Pattern with Chubear, accusing me of hating Sony?? Here are your conversations, not so much trolling, as ….well yeah trolling, Chubear has something sarcastic to say, why hasn’t the ban happened to him yet???

Be diplomatic to people instead of shutting them down. I really do not like how you put me down on more than one accord. It is great that you are pro-sony but not at everyone else’s expense!

You have accused me for bashing sony and being biased, even going so far as to tell others abour me being biased.

You had better start being nice to other people on here. Here is a list of your negativity in which we can do with out, I have higlighted everything sarcastic, and degrading, and also shows biased,most of your posts rely on bashing and negativity. I had been putting off this post for the longest time. I decided to write though, because i see you constantly bully others around. Please stop Thank you in Advance!

mrstickball said:
I would assume it's hit around 1.5m w/w, or slightly more, and atleast shipped the 2m copies, or near it. However, I don't understand why KZ2 is getting hyped so much, as the first one recieved under 80% reviews from Gamerankings.com Its not like its Fallout , or Forza which were hyped due to cult status (or poor sales atleast)

Haa! People like you crack me up. You say you don't understand why KZ2 is hyped and why KZ actually has a sequel because it got some low ratings but it seems it's hard for guys like yourself to understand that decisions to continue IPs aren't based on reviews, they are based on sales. Last gen a game with great developmental backing would be deemed worthy of a sequel if it sold at least a quater of a million copies (250,000). Now obviously, if a game sells in the million mark then that's really a no brainer for a sequel and if you're going to bring out a part 2 then you're going to market it (hype).

The thing is people love to dog the game and they've probably not played it. They jsut say nonsense like "but teh reviews, teh reviews" but the reviews were crap. If you listen to these guys one would believe KZ was so bad that it only sold 1,000 copies which is just false. Most people ignored the ratings and thought they were way off and decided for themselves what's a great gaming experience.

Anyway even if KZ was truly a 7.9 kind of game then that isn't even mediocre as a lot of people love to call it. A 5.2 is mediocre, a 7.3 is good, 7.9 is rated the high end of good so why hate on the game. If KZ wasn't your thing why would you even care about it getting a sequel anyway? I mean what's it to you?

Yet another negative comment

Ahh HA! So you can make sense, but choose not to most of the time uh? Anyway, Mr. alex, I find it kinda wacko that, if I remember correctly, you've had your fair share of doggin Sony's PS3 and at one point I believe you hinted that Sony was in trouble with the PS3 and it could possiblly be a failure... However, you seem to really feel the Gizmondo, that's pretty much known as the mother of all sucky gaming devices and the picuture child for gaming failure, is not a failure at all as most people would believe. Uhmm, very baffling.

Gballzack said:

Christopher_G2 said:
People who need to hate on Sony exagerate the PS2 lack of quality issues. True, the original bulky version was not the durable system out there, but it's not like every other system ended up breaking down. And when a PS2 does break down there are places you can take to get it fixed (or try to) so it's not like it automatically means another PS2 sale if you want to keep playing the system.

True people exagerate but that doesn't excuse the undeniable truth that persists. And while the slims had a far better track record than the originals, they still had their own myriad of issues, in particular, over heating. Call it Sony hating if you want but I expect a console to meet a certain standard for the money I'm paying for it. There's no excuse the PS2 couldn't meet the same level of quality as the Gamecube when they were designing it, it's not my fault people are so willing to accept the mistakes of big companies as unavoidable facts of life that should be embraced. There's also a great differences between someone who indiscriminately hates on a Company and someone who rolls over and accepts whatever that Company feeds them, where ever you think I stand on that scale is your call, but don't use it as an excuse to hide from the truth.

WOW, you're so full of crap it's not even funny.


PS3 elite confirmed
05/21/07, 16:26

piratikkio said:
ps3 is already elite. 20gb more doesnt mean nothing.

Thank you.



Japans PS3 Nightmare
05/18/07, 18:24

lol all you haters and doom and gloomers are still going to buy a PS3 regardless. lol. You don't have to look far to realise the software for Japan isn't out yet. Anyway it doesn't matter. When Sony's PS3 dominates again all you naysayers will be the first ones to ever deny doggin the system. A hell of a lot of people jsut don't have foresight and can't read btw the lines enough, if they did they would stay the hell away from the likes of the 360 and invest heavily on the PS3. Please, save this and quote me on it in a couple of years - please.


Playstation 3: An Under Rated System
05/18/07, 18:14

a.l.e.x59 said:
I have been reviewing some of my previous threads, and it appeared that I was bashing the Playstation 3 in favor for the Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Xbox 360. That is unfair to Sony Playstation 3, because it is a really good system, despite a few flaws.

I've bashed the Sony Playstation 3 enough. It is about time I say some good things about it.

I've been reading more about the system, and the truth is, it is a very under rated system.

The Playstation 3 is only $200 more expensive than the Xbox 360. However, because Sony is losing more money, per console, than Xbox 360 is on their consoles, you are getting a better deal when you purchase the Playstation 3... *yada, yada, yada*

Oh, so what you're trying to say is, you better go on record for saying good things about the PS3 seeing as it's looking like, after the Sony gamers day event, that Sony's PS3 is about to kick some major ass. Ah, I see, well..OK. You really haven't said anything that hasn't been drummed repeatedly out since 2005 by Sony's fanbase to the likes of people like you that dogged the PS3 like crazy... and you're only reading up on it now? lol, wow.


God of War: Chains of Olympus new screens !!!
05/16/07, 19:33

ssj12 said:
lol this just proves the PSP is a bit stronger then the PS2.. these are amazing.

erm... I think you need to step away from the "puff puff" and go get some air cause that's just crazy talk. Well, seeing as the PSP has been around for 2 years now, we're begining to see how amazing this thing is. With titles like KZ:L, GOW:coo, Socom tactics etc showing what can be done graphically on the PSP the future is very bright for the PSP. I'm thinking Sony is looking to at least a 5 year life span before the release of the PSP2. Very interested to see what they got planned for the next 3 years though.


Sony, maker's of defective products!
05/13/07, 15:57

dpmnymkrprez said:

Ok, I have read a lot of people's input on various systems. When I was younger i collected all systems. I remember anticipating the original launch of the saturn and the Playstation. I reserved both. I unfortunately was one of the first 50,000. As you may remember the first 50,000 would burn out. I played mine for about 4 hours and it overheated and was useless.

No problem right? Next came the Playstation 2(keep in mind I own all sytems)I was excited playing it. I loved the Gamecube as well. After 6 months of the Playstation 2 , the motor went out.....sound familiar to anyone? Hey i got an idea, since you have a library of games , why not buy another Playstation 2???Nope not me. My brother's Playstation 2 had a motor that went out as well after a year and a half. His sony TV and my Sony Stero conked out as well. I read threads about people on here that are biased. I am not, I just have cold feet about purchasing anything Sony. My PS3 is collecting dust. regardless what people think, I enjoy my Wii. Think about this, how many of you have had your Sega's and Nintendos conk out??? I think those two were the best rivals, after all they always out did each other for games. Microsoft got into the market for money, not games. Sony, well lets take a look shall we??? Nintendo/Sony created the Playstation. Period?? didnt know that?

So, anyone that has read this and is a Sony fan, is a closet nintendo fan, just scared to come out!

ONCE AGAIN NOT BIASED!!!!!!! PS Resistance is good but there are too many first person shooters being developed.

Uh? you've had problems with Sony products all your life and then you thought the logical thing to do would be to buy a PS3 for $600?... then complain about being worried about Sony products failing and that's why you're considering a 360? - when it's be well documented that the PS3 is a way, way more reliable system than the 360? Dude I've read a couple of your posts about how you're new to gaming forums and you're not biased yada, yada, yada but in every post you seem to always have a negative slant towards the PS3 and favourable slants to the wii and you wibble wobble on the 360, just a little ... off to me that's all.

I personal don't care what you do but if you really like the 360 and feel the PS3 (which you already bought) then play what you want. Sell off your PS3 and get a 360 that way you can now concentrate on talking about your system of chioce and there'll be no more need to complain about a system you have doubts in.


Wii vs PS3 sales:
03/05/07, 01:11

Chubear said:

Damn! 360 and Wii trolls are on every gaddamned forum nowadays! I'm done with this forum. You guys can have all the fun you want I'm just through with fanboi ignorance. BYE! Wii vs PS3 sales:
03/03/07, 15:55

StarcraftManiac said:
This is more a post to contradict MikeB...

He is a great example of people who uses facts in his own way. Using stats of only the consoles that sold worse!

So i just want to say, Dont make an image that isn't right! It's launch might have been better then X360's.

But its much worse than Wii


Chubear said:

And the PS3 is still trailing behind Gamecube and PSP. Those 2 sold more on a 16 week basis after launch then PS3... It's baffling to me that people like you completly choose to ignore the simple fact that the Wii is a much less expensive system and thus has to sell at least 2.5 consoles for every 1 PS3 sold to match. Also, guys like you would be the first to point out that the reason the PS2 is still out selling every other console is because it's obviously cheaper than anything out there ... expect for the GC and xbox which are cheaper but..erm - crap. Sorry didn't feel like being "PC" there. So you do get the concept of cheaper=more volume but chose to be ignorant about it.


PS3 'Mii' home room and achievements...
03/02/07, 15:04

mrstickball said:
Thumbs down to Sony:

They take 2 great innovations by Nintendo and Microsoft, combine them into one much inferior version. This is exactly like what Sony did with the whole sixaxis thing at E3 last year when Nintendo already announced their Wii-wand.

What's next, a 2-screened PSP for extra porn viewing?
That's very ignorant of you. You really think that this concept by Sony was put together in 2 or 3 months to copy others? This is has been in development for years at least (2 to 3 years easy) The competition came out with their's and Sony is coming out with it's and if you can't see that Sony's makes the other two's look outdated then I feel




There was more, I chose not to continue posting, you get the point!

dpmnymkrprez said:

i am starting to wonder about the PS3.........it seems there have been more recalls/defects on the 360 than PS3..does anyone have a comparison?

My coworker has a launch PS3 and I got mine in Jan with no issues from either. However he's on his 3rd xbox starting with a launch system. Thankfully he had the extended from BB.

The 360's problems have had to be massive for microsof, b/c each replacement means new ships, labor, overhead, shipping costs, etc, and is despite the 360's great sales, is probably what is keeping them from achieving profitability.

Now I think that the biggest cause of these breakdowns is overheating.....so the move to 65nm later this year might just be what microsoft needs to fix most of these problems.