Nintendo Console Cycle... so what does this mean???

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Nintendo Console Cycle... so what does this mean???

Nintendo'll surprise wit... 14 26.92%
Next year 26 50.00%
It's just a coincidence 0 0.00%
It's a conspiracy 12 23.08%

as I have always said, mid 2012 is when I think it will be released

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I would like to think a console reveal/teaser this year with some shallow demos at E3 along with alot of Wii and 3DS news, then next E3 a full reveal with actual launch games (that were speculated at after this year's E3) with the console releasing later that year for holiday 2012.

Next year, since DQX isn't out yet.

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Wii has been selling quite well so Nintendo can afford to extend this cycle a little bit

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