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archbrix said:

Congrats on creating one of the most entertaining threads ever.

Also, you guys should create a thread a few months before E3 next year, taking requests for even more E3 moments to add to next year's challenge.

I would love to see things like:

Cliffy B opens Microsoft's conference with GOW on stage at E3 '06

Yamauchi shows an underwhelming GT5 at E3 '06

Duffy's "musical performance" at E3 '08

Project Natal Paint Party demo at E3 '09

Playstation Vita $249 at E3 '11

Ken Levine eats crow at E3 '11

AT&T for Playstation Vita at E3 '11

Wii U controller debut at E3 '11

And, most importantly, Kudo Tsunoda's BAM! at E3 '09

Mr. Caffeine at Ubisoft E3 '11 deserves to be there, too.