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Socom 4: is receiving many average reviews

Still buying can't live without new Socom! 22 12.36%
Won't buy now 36 20.22%
Will buy at reduced price 25 14.04%
Meh critic reviews don't influence me 28 15.73%
Why change what works Zipper! 25 14.04%
See results 42 23.60%
AnarchyWest said:

I am a big Socom fan. I still consider Socom 2 the best online game ever over 500 hours of playing it back in the day.

Socom 3 was a let down, Combined assault was a let down...Confrontation was a return to Socom but the developers did a sloppy job, Socom 4 is a complete sell out it's Call of Duty in 3rd person. Zipper completely removed everything that was great about Socom and turned Socom into a generic shooter. I find it hilarious that they think that if they make it like Call of Duty a mainstream game people will swtich to Socom...sales will prove them wrong.

The ironic thing as bad as the reviews are and as disappointed I was with the beta, i'm most likely still buying it Tuesday

Hopefully Zipper will listen to their fans when this game bombs, it deserves the reviews its getting so far.

Good points, it is a shame to see the once great tactical game; transform into a 3rd person call of duty, (according to some of the reviews) which makes it just another shooter. I'm seriously upset about that and not just me checkout the official socom forums to see the negative response from the longtime fans of the series here

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I expected the reviews to be about the 80% region. I enjoyed the beta a lot, so I'm still getting this game.

lucky they are working on an NGP title, they better do something different or go back to whats best. 

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Lastgengamer said:

Found these on amazon's website.

Joystiq 2.5/5

Destructoid 3/10

Eurogamer 6/10

Socom 4 is currently sitting at 69 on metacritic.com  


Well I am personally on the fence about this socom, think I'll just get it later on.

Will these reviews have any effect on your interest in the game?

Yeah, they made me completely avoid the thought of purchasing the game. I was a bit upset, I had high hopes that they could bring back the thrill that was Socom 1/2

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

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you really can't count destructoid, particularly with Jim Sterling. I understand being a tough critic. And that reviews are subjective, but there are plenty of objective things to consider...

But he doesn't really make any attempt to be objective, and at times seems to not only be subjective. But he seems to say things to get a ruse out of people. And it occurs at a really high frequency.

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hmm...Sony really got it bad with some exclusives like Move Heroes, Motorstorm Apocalypse or Socom 4..

TT Makaveli said:

hmm...Sony really got it bad with some exclusives like Move Heroes, Motorstorm Apocalypse or Socom 4..

I keep telling people some of that, well in regards to Socom, but people still seem to hype it. Socom is not what it use to be with Socom 2. 


Zipper should stick to the MAG series. I will get this game though, because I love Zipper games.

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I think a lot of what made Socom great was that it was one of the first online games for a Sony console, much like how Starfox was great because it was one of the first 3D games for a console.  It was the tech that made the game good.  It appears that the rest of the world has caught up with the leader and robbed it of what made it special.

I've never played a Socom game (heard great things about it from my friends, though) so take  what I say with a grain of salt.  Anyway, many of you have played the beta, right?  If you enjoyed it and want more, buy it and have fun.  Don't let reviewers tell you what to enjoy.

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Ok, its a good game.....