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leo-j said:

wade not making the first team is pathetic.. that truely shows how underrated he is.. rose doesn't do half the shit wade does.. and rose gets the mvp..

PER(2010-2011 season WITH LEBRON)

1. Durant

2. Lebron

3. Dwight

4. wade

5. Rose

6. Kobe

performance rankings overall(accounting everything, points,assists,blocks, rebounds,).. wade is ahead of both kobe and rose.. yet they get selected into the nba 1st team and wade gets placed with westbrooke.. that's disrespectful..heck if lebron wasn't playing with wade chances are the top two would have been lebron and wade..

sigh.. this is why the heat need to win so that crap sports media like espn can finally see what wade can do.. it's like 2006 never happened..

same thing in 08-09, Michael jordan was shocked wade didn't win the mvp when he was by far the best player that season..

I hope that you know that this statistic is misleading.  Derrick Rose plays on the perimeter when he is off of the ball being that he's the point guard and that he's only 6' 3".  This is why he wouldn't have many rebounds or blocked shots.  Also, Rose leads the league in percentage of points involved in scoring for his team if you factor in his scoring and assists.  Also, can you tell me why Rose is averaging more assists these playoffs than Lebron and Wade put together?  Wade does twice of what he does my butt...

Would you consider Isiah Thomas, Jerry West, or Steve Nash to not be great players because they didn't get a lot of rebounds or blocked shots?  I'm hoping that you know who Jerry West is.  He's the guy on the NBA logo.

I do remember 2006 and Shaq had a great year to help Dwyane out, didn't he?  What happened in 2007?

The only argument that you make that I might agree with is that Dwyane had a better year than Kobe and Kobe is living off his past accolades.  This does happen when you win five titles though.

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God dammit. Everyone played like shit except Bosh and Joel. I've defended Spoelstra througout this season but man  his lineup today was fucking terrible. Good shit bulls.

Damn, Taj totally posterized D Wade!

Bulls bench was too much today. It seems the Bulls just exposed the Heat's weaknesses, they're main one being their weak bench, and the lack of presence inside.

Of course, I still am worried about what this team can pull off against my Bulls, considering they have 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA. However, Deng has shown he can contain Lebron, so if he can keep that up, it just becomes a matter of containing Wade and keeping him out of the lane. That's what a major part of their offense relies on, those quick transitions and drives to the basket. Once the Bulls clamped down on that, clogging the lane, they pulled away and the Heat fell apart.

I feel the Bulls will win the series in 7, based primarilly off the home court, Boozer's improved play of late, and the depth of our bench. I do think the Heat will make it a series, and it is nowhere NEAR over, simply based off the fact that they have 3 allstars on their team, and that alone can be tough to overcome.

What Dirk Nowitzki did last night was truly amazing. 

I have to give credit where it's due.

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mavs and heat in the finals hopefully


amp316 said:

Dude, the Bulls are going to knock the Heat off if the Celtics don't.  Trust me.



So, it's Dallas and Miami, who do you guys think will take it?