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I have a feeling the next TH game will be the last.  The series hasn't done well in a long time, and Tony's star is fading.  He hasn't won a medal for skating in ten years, and mostly lives off of cameos on TV shows now.  Acti has really run the series into the ground, to boot.  No need to beat a dead horse.

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i used to play tony hawk games a lot when i was younger, i got project 8 for ps3 a long time ago and it just live up to it, i havnt looked at any of them since and dont plan to

activison just sell the ip to ea maybe they could make it worthwhile

How could they run the series into the ground after Project 8.

Project 8 was just excellent after the slight disappointment that was American Wasteland. Proving Ground was just average by todays standards and well the peripheral then killed the series.

However I must admit the introduction of nail the grab and nail the manual were really good. Wish they would've been in Project 8.

i believe the series started going down with project 8 but the last two titles that used the perhiphael really killed the series

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Plsease no, the last Tony Hawks game i got Proving Ground sucked so bad i stopped playing it after 10mins, and that was the last time i will ever buy another tony hawks game.


they need to get rid of the skateboard (by making it compatible not required) and have standard controller and balance board support.. or just skip dumping money into the 360/ps3 versions all together and market it on Wii where the past 2 sold more and have a higher profit margin.

I don't have an idea how they can make this franchise fun again..Skate was an nice game but became boring pretty fast (atleast for me)..


i dont know why their making another one this should of stayed dead

and I just lost more faith in this game once again , saying robomodo is making the latest tony hawk game , the ones that made the periphael and the last two games that sucked hardcore