Bulletstorm. Best FPS this gen. Yeah. I said it.

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Something happened. I had bought, played, finished and loved Crysis 2.

My wife for whatever reason bought me Bulletstorm 2 days agao.

Wow. Pure wow.

First off, It takes alot for me to say that a game beats either Halo, the late graphical marker Crysis 2 or Half Life 2.

But something just clicked when I began Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm is the Duke Nukem game. It's a game designed that gives the player the biggest guns and says go play with the enemy.

Whether it's blowing a head off or sending the enemy to their falling impeding doom, the game has been magnificantly designed. The set pieces dare I say it impressed me more than any other game. And the visuals give us some goo indicators as to how good Gears 3 may just be.

At one point your on a damn trying to get to a character headed for the inner city. At this point you break the damn and it falls apart with you on it. It looks so epic. So so epic. Just when you think youve seen all it has to offer, it throws something more gobsmacking at you.

It's a non stop thrill ride, with BIG guns, loads of gameplay features and a genuinely enjoyable campaign. A game that doe not take itself seriously at all, and becasue of this has some of the best funniest dialog your gonna see in a game.

Genuinely did not expect Bulletstorm to be anywhere near better than Reach or Crysis 2. But IMO Bulletstorm is the best FPS game Ive played ever. I am totally loving it.


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Not even close. 

boring, 4 hour campain

terrible online

played it at a friends house and beat it in one sitting

'nough said

Its not even the best this year

ǝןdɯıs ʇı dǝǝʞ oʇ ǝʞıן ı ʍouʞ noʎ 

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Time for hype

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Glad you like it and all but best this gen? 0_0 man it must be way way way better than the demo then...cuz demo was good but wasn't no where near amazing.

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great game but not the best this gen by a long chalk I'm afraid.

better than the last few instalmants from COD thats for sure..... Its nice to play a game that doesnt take itself too seriously.

great fun with some very witty dialogue... calling this boring is ridiculous... it may be many things but boring it isnt.


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Really? I thought it was pretty good but I don't think its even the best FPS out this year.

can only people that have genuinely played this comment please...

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